Margo Midwinter, Jyo Yokoyama & 2 others up for eviction on PBB 737

Four (4) Pinoy Big Brother PBB 737 regular housemates are nominated for eviction this week, and they are: Margo Midwinter from Manila, Dawn Chang from Paranaque, and 2 international housemates Jyo Yokoyama from Japan and Philip Lampart from Australia. Who are you saving?

It's Margo's 2nd consecutive week to become an official nominee for eviction, and a first for the rest of them.

If in case you missed it, here's how the remaining 10 regular housemates nominated against each other:

dawn = 2 pts margo, 1 pt philip
krizia - 2 charlhone 1 dawn
miho - 2 jyo, 1 philip
mikee - 2 philip, 1 charlhone
margo - 2 jyo, 1 miho
richard - 2 jyo, 1 charlhone
roger - 2 charlhone, 1 margo
jyo - 2 roger, 1 margo
philip - 2 dawn, 1 margo
charlhone - 2 dawn, 1 roger

The Top 3 housemates with the highest votes were Jyo (6 pts), Dawn (5 pts), Margo (5 pts) and Philip (4 pts). Charlhone was removed from the official list of nominees after finishing on top during the Lig-Task Challenge.

Looking at how the housemates are nominating each other the past 3 weeks, some housemates are consistently nominating one particular housemates, such as:

Charlhone who's been nominating Dawn for 3 straight weeks now,
Philip nominating Margo also for 3 straight weeks already, and
Richard nominating Charlhone for 3 consecutive weeks as well.

Fans of the loveteam JyoHo perhaps are sad about Miho giving 2 points to Jyo during the nomination, actually Miho's 2nd time already to nominate Jyo. -

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