POLL: Your All-Time Favorite PBB Loveteam?

Pinoy Big Brother turns 10 tomorrow, August 21, 2015, and the show is holding on that day "The Grand Big Ball" for its anniversary celebration

This just means I have been watching and following Pinoy Big Brother for 10 years already (and PBB 737 housemate Bailey May was only 3 years old when the show premiered in 2005).

This week on PBB 737 Gold, they have been unveiling "Top 10" lists as part of the celebration, such as the Top 10 loveteams, with the Melason - Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco - from Pinoy Big Brother Double Up taking the top spot.

#10 KamZo (PBB 737)
#9 Loishua & Joshane (PBB All In)
#8 Myrves (PBB Teen 4)
#7 Biggetin (PBB Unlimited)
#6 ValJay (PBB Teen Plus)
#5 Brendy (PBB 2)
#4 Kimerald (PBB Teen 1)
#3 BianJoe (PBB Celebrity 1)
#2 JBSay (PBB 1)
#1 Melason (PBB Double Up)

Looks like the BaiLona fans might not be pleased with the list, since KamZo (Kamille Filoteo and Kenzo Gutierrez) made it to the list, while the BaiLona (Bailey May and Ylona Garcia) didn't.

I agree that they put Melason on top since they're one PBB love team that ended into marriage (Melai and Jason also now have 1 child).

There's another couple who also got married after PBB - Rob Stumvoll and Yuri Okawa - also from PBB Double Up, but unlike the Melason, they weren't a loveteam during their stay inside the house.

Brendy - Bruce Quebral and Wendy Valdez - who are ranked 8th on the list, also ended up as married couple after PBB, but sadly, they already parted ways, marriage annulled in 2012.

If you were to be asked, which PBB loveteam is your all-time favorite? Vote!!! (Poll closes on October 3, 12 midnight)

[Sorry, voting is now closed for our Round 1 Poll. Please check back our Round 2 Poll to be conducted within the next season or edition of PBB. Thank you!]

Meanwhile, yesterday, the list shown was the Top 10 Family Moments, with Jimboy Martin's heartwarming moment with his father ranked as #1.

#10 Anak ni Jayson (PBB 1)
#9 Ina ni Nene (PBB 1)
#8 Ina ni John (PBB Celebrity 1)
#7 Mga Anak ni Keanna (PBB Celebrity 1)
#6 Anak ni Jamilla (PBB Teen 1)
#5 Ama ni Ejay (PBB Teen Plus)
#4 Ina ni Biggel (PBB Unlimited)
#3 Ina ni Joshua (PBB All In)
#2 Pamilya ni Maris (PBB All In)
#1 Ama ni Jimboy (PBB 737)

Last Monday and Tuesday, it was the Top 10 Songs composed inside PBB house (#1 Magmahal Muli) and Top 10 Funny Moments, and tomorrow, it will be a Top 10 list of those who best showed "pagpapakatotoo" in Pinoy Big Brother. - Mykiru.ph

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