Jones Cup 2015 Game Schedule, Results and Team Standings

Jones Cup 2015 already started yesterday, August 29, 2015, in Taipei, Taiwan, and the Philippines' national basketball team Gilas Pilipinas is set to play their first game tonight, August 30, at 7PM vs one of the host teams, the Chinese Taipei A.

I have posted the 37th William Jones Cup 2015 schedule of preliminary games below, as well as the final results or scores from every game and the team standings in every day to keep you updated about who's on the lead, and who's being left behind. You can just check online any available live streaming of the games, or catch it via Aksyon TV.

Gilas Pilipinas is playing in Jones Cup 2015 after 2-year absence, their first time in the tournament since claiming the championship in 2012. 2013 and 2014 champions were respectively Iran and Korea.

courtesy of Dondon Hontiveros via Instagram @dhonts7

The 12-man lineup of Gilas Pilipinas for Jones Cup 2015 will come from this roster of 16 players who went to Taiwan: Marc Pingris, Terrence Romeo, JC Intal, Jimmy Alapag Jason Castro, Calvin Abueva, Gabe Norwood, Asi Taulava, Dondon Hontiveros, Gary David, Ranidel de Ocampo, Sonny Thoss, Troy Rosario, Aldrech Ramos, Moala Tautuaa and Matt Rosser.

Each of the 9 competing basketball teams in William Jones Cup 2015 will be playing 8 games in the preliminary round, before the Final 4 teams are determined, and then advance to the semifinals.


DAY 1 (August 29):
South Korea vs Iran, 46-77
Chinese Taipei B vs New Zealands Wellington Saints, 85-102
USA Select-Overtake vs Russia;s Spartak Primorye, 65-84
Chinese Taipei A vs Japan, 84-82

Team Standings as of 1st Day: Iran 1-0, New Zealand 1-0, Russia 1-0, Chinese Taipei A 1-0, South Korea 0-1, Chinese Taipei B 0-1, USA 0-1, Japan 0-1

DAY 2 (August 30):
1PM Russia vs South Korea, 86-84
3PM Iran vs Chinese Taipei B, 88-66
5PM Japan vs USA, 76-91
7PM Philippines vs Chinese Taipei A, 77-69

Team Standings as of 2nd Day: Iran 2-0, Russia 2-0, Philippines 1-0, New Zealand 1-0, USA 1-1, Chinese Taipei A 1-1, South Korea 0-2, Chinese Taipei B 0-2, Japan 0-2

DAY 3 (August 31):
1PM: New Zealand vs Russia, 94-98
3PM: Japan vs Iran, 57-78
5PM: South Korea vs Philippines, 82-70
7PM: Chinese Taipei A vs USA, 96-77

Team Standings as of 3rd Day: Iran 3-0, Russia 3-0, Chinese Taipei A 2-1, New Zealand 1-1, Philippines 1-1, USA 1-2, South Korea 1-2, Chinese Taipei B 0-2, Japan 0-3.

DAY 4 (September 1):
1PM: Philippines vs Russia, 85-71
3PM: Iran vs New Zealand, 83-70
5PM: USA vs South Korea, 80-94
7PM: Chinese Taipei B vs Chinese Taipei A, 84-69

Team Standings as of 4th Day: Iran 4-0, Russia 3-1, Chinese Taipei A 3-1, Philippines 2-1, South Korea 2-2, New Zealand 1-2, USA 1-3, Chinese Taipei B 0-3, Japan 0-3

DAY 5 (September 2):
1PM: Iran vs USA, 66-81
3PM: Japan vs Philippines, 75-60
5PM: South Korea vs New Zealand, 74-70
7PM: Russia vs Chinese Taipei B, 97-67

Team Standings as of 5th Day: Iran 4-1, Russia 4-1, Philippines 3-1, Chinese Taipei A 3-1, South Korea 3-2, USA 2-3, New Zealand 1-3, Chinese Taipei B 0-4, Japan 0-4

DAY 6 (September 3):
1PM: Philippines vs Iran, 65-74
3PM: New Zealand vs Japan, 89-81
5PM: Chinese Taipei B vs South Korea, 70-77
7PM: Russia vs Chinese Taipei A, 73-77

Team Standings as of 6th Day: Iran 5-1, Chinese Taipei A 4-1, Russia 4-2, South Korea 4-2, Philippines 3-2, New Zealand 2-3, USA 2-3, Chinese Taipei B 0-5, Japan 0-5

DAY 7 (September 4):
1PM: Philippines vs New Zealand, 92-88 OT
3PM: Japan vs South Korea, 60-54
5PM: USA vs Chinese Taipei B, 95-69
7PM: Chinese Taipei A vs Iran, 63-69

Team Standings as of 7th Day: Iran 6-1. Russia 4-2, Chinese Taipei A 4-2, Philippines 4-2, South Korea 4-3, USA 3-3, New Zealand 2-4, Japan 1-5, Chinese Taipei B 0-6

DAY 8 (September 5):
1PM: Chinese Taipei B vs Japan, 55-72
3PM: Iran vs Russia, 78-54
5PM: USA vs Philippines, 74-78
7PM: New Zealand vs Chinese Taipei A, 84-86

Team Standings as of 8th Day: Iran 7-1, Philippines 5-2, Chinese Taipei A 5-2, Russia 4-3, South Korea 4-3, USA 3-4, New Zealand 2-5, Japan 2-5, Chinese Taipei B 0-7

DAY 9 (September 6):
1PM: Philippines vs Chinese Taipei B, 96-67
3PM: Japan vs Russia, 63-76
5PM: New Zealand vs USA, 91-89 OT
7PM: Chinese Taipei A vs South Korea, 80-73

Final Team Standings: Iran 7-1, Philippines 6-2, Chinese Taipei A 6-2, Russia 5-3, South Korea 4-4, New Zealand 3-5, USA 3-5, Japan 2-6, Chinese Taipei B 0-8.

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