Pinoy Big Brother 737 holds 1st Nomination Night for regular housemates

Pinoy Big Brother 737 1st Nomination Night held earlier named 2 female housemates as nominees.

And they are 2 housemates from outside the Philippines: Jessica Marasigan from USA and Miho Nishida from Japan.

Who could be "Barbie Imperial" among Pinoy Big Brother 737 regular housemates? {LATEST UPDATE: Due to the sudden death of her "lola", Jessica has to give up being a PBB housemate, thus the voting was stopped, saving Miho from eviction.)

Among the PBB 737 teen housemates, it was Barbie who got evicted first, and one between Jessica and Miho will get the same fate. Just a wild guess: I think it's gonna be Miho who will be evicted first.

Here's how the 12 regular housemates voted against each other.

Charlhone - 2 pts for Dawn, 1 pt for Mikee
Dawn -2 pts Jessica, 1 pt Charlhone
James - 2 pts Richard, 1 pt Margo
Jess - 2 pts Jyo, 1 pt Richard
Jyo - 2 pts Charlhone, 1 pt Margo
Krizia - 2 pts Margo, 1 pt James
Margo - 2 pts Jessica, 1 pt Dawn
Miho - 2 pts James, 1 pt Jyo
Mikee - 2 pts Krizia, 1 pt Jessica
Philip - 2 pts Margo, 1 pt Charlhone
Richard - 2 pts Jessica, 1 pt Charlhone
Roger - 2 pts Dawn, 1 pt Jessica

Nominations Tally:
Jessica - 8 pts
Margo - 6 pts
Charlhone - 5 pts
Dawn - 5 pts
James - 3 pts
Jyo - 3 pts
Richard - 3 pts
Krizia - 2 pts
Mikee - 1 pt

Housemate Miho was given an instant nomination after she got the most votes during the "biglaang nominasyon" held just a day after they entered the house. Philip on one hand was given an immunity after he found the necklace with an "E" which was secretly placed by houseguest Enchong Dee under the sofa before he left the house. -

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