Virginia shooting video by suspect Bryce Williams gone viral

The shooting of WDBJ7 TV reporter, cameraman in Virginia, USA by a former reporter (Vester Lee Flanagan aka Bryce Williams) has brought shock to everyone around the globe.

Two (2) TV journalists (reporter Alison Parker, cameraman / photographer Adam Ward) shot dead in the said Virginia shooting while they were just doing their job for the TV station WDBJ7, and it was captured on video, which has been going rounds online.

I never heard this kind of incident before. Only now, and it's really heartbreaking.

It happened on live TV Wednesday at 6:45 AM in the US (earlier this evening, PH time), according to WDBJ in its website, while reporter Alison Parker, 24, was just doing a live interview with a woman at a water park near the shopping complex Bridgewater Plaza in Franklin County, Virginia. WDBJ7 later confirmed via Twitter that Parker and her cameraman died in the shooting. @WDBJ7: "It is with extreme sadness that we report WDBJ7's Alison Parker and Adam Ward were killed in an attack this morning."

They later posted a photo of the 2 along with the caption "We love you, Alison and Adam." and is now going viral online, generating thousands of tweets.

Meanwhile, the woman being interviewed by Parker luckily survived, but she was hurt and is currently undergoing surgery.

@WDBJ7: "Vicki Gardner of the Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce was hurt in the shooting. We are told she is in surgery."

The suspect in the WDBJ shooting has been identified by the local police as Vester Lee Flanagan II, and they're hunting him down already. [LATEST UPDATE: @WDBJ7: "UPDATE: State police now say man suspected of killing two WDBJ7 employees shot himself and died.]

As it turned out, he's a former WDBJ7 reporter using the screen name Bryce Williams, who apparently had a grudge against Parker and Adam.

And this one's even more shocking: he was so sick to film himself while shooting the two, and even posted it in his Facebook and Twitter accounts. OMG!

screenshots credit to @THETonyMorrison, @editor_abruno

While FB and Twitter were so quick to take the video down and block Williams' accounts, copy of the video sadly are now everywhere in Youtube. You must not watch it out of respect to the victims. They must be removed as well!

My prayers go out to the victims' families. -

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