The Voice Philippines Season 2 Battles Results for December 13 & 14

The Voice Philippines Season 2 Battles continued Saturday and Sunday night, December 13 and 14, 2014, on ABS-CBN.

Coaches Sarah Geronimo, Bamboo Manalac, Lea Salonga and made tough decisions once again in selecting who they want to keep in their team for the knockouts where only 9 remain for each team.

According to some spoilers, Sarah will have mostly guys in her after the battles round. We shall see.

Last week's Battles had the following advancing to the Knockouts:

Team Lea - Timothy Pavino, Leah Patricio
Team Bamboo - Rita Martinez, Lougee Basabas, Elmerjun Hilario
Team Apl - Bradley Holmes, Mark Cando, Suy Galvez
Team Sarah - Jason James Dy, Monique Lualhati, Kokoi Baldo, Jason Fernandez

Lea, Elmerjun, Suy and Jason were initially eliminated, but they later advanced by virtue of a "steal", after they were stolen from the other team. As of last week, each of the coaches now just have 1 steal left and they should be using that more wisely now.

Last Saturday night, the battles were:

Demie Fresco vs Rosalyn Navarro from Team Sarah
Rence Rapanot vs Casper Blancaflor from Team Bamboo
Nino Alejandro vs Karl Tanhuenco from Team Lea
Mackie Cao vs Mecerdita Quiachon from Team Apl

I am posting here my live updates of the battles that evening, as it aired on ABS-CBN.

8:30 PM First off are Karl Tanhuenco against the early favorite Nino Alejandro, both from Team Lea. They're singing "We Built This City" originally by the American rock group Starship.

Nino's cousin, singer Rachel Alejandro is in the audience to support him.

I think this is another mismatch. It's obvious who Lea would want to keep here. It's Nino.

And the coaches' picks: Sarah, Bamboo and Apl all chose Nino. And as expected, Lea is keeping Nino. Karl is eliminated. "Kahit hindi ako rakista, ginawa ko ang best ko," he said.

Up next: Mackie vs Mecerdita, Rosalyn vs Demie (commercial break)

8:45 PM And they're back. Team Apl's turn: Mecer Quiachon vs Mackie Cao, two artists who both performed "Listen" during the blind auditions. This gonna be one hot battle, as they sing Chaka Khan's "Through The Fire". I want Mackie to advance.

Mackie's got more power and bigger voice, even in size.

Lea: "For me, the voice that really stood out because of quality is Mackie"
Sarah: "Mas consistent si Mackie"
Bamboo: "Of course, it's Mackie."
Apl: "Tonight I will pick Mackie."

And so Mackie advances to the Knockouts.

Commercial break...

9:02 PM Right after the break are Team Sarah's Rosalyn Navarro and Demie Fresco performing "Tell Him". Spoilers say Demi was the one who advanced.

Bamboo: "Rosalyn engaged me more"
Apl: "It was so close. I'm gonna go for Demie".
Lea: "For me, parang mas complete yung naging performance, for this battle, I'll pick Demie"
Sarah: "Pareho kasi kayong bata pa. Demie, you're 16 years old. Rosalyn, you're 19. Na-impress ako sa inyo pareho. Ang pipiliin ko for tonight ay si Demie."

Two artists from Naga City are already OUT. Mark Avila last week, Rosalyn Navarro this week.

Commercial break...Up next is Rence Rapanot and Casper Blancaflor for Team Bamboo (Spoilers say Rence advanced, while Casper will be stolen by Ms. Lea)

9:15 PM Last battle for tonight: Casper Blancaflor vs Rence Rapanot. They're singing "Creep". Such a high song! Not a good match. I love Casper's voice.

Who will move to the next round?

Apl picked Casper.
Lea: "Pareho kayong kunektado sa kantang ito. For this battle, Si Rence ang pipiliin ko."
Sarah: "Sa nakita ko kanina, mas naging kunektado ko kay Casper."

Bamboo's decision is after the break.

9:29: Bamboo is making tough decision, and he favored Rence.

Is it time for Casper to go? 2 coaches, first Lea, then Sarah, pushed the button for a "STEAL".

Casper chose to join Team Lea. "Isa po siya sa mga naniwala sa 'kin noong blind auditions".

For December 14, the battles were:

Mark Douglas Dagal vs Vanessa Monot from Team Sarah
Tanya Diaz vs Shaira Jim Cervancia from Team Bamboo
Emil Sinagpulo vs Mic Llave and Jem Cubil vs Thara Jordana from Team Lea (Spoilers said Jem advanced)
Arnee Hidalgo vs Janet Cadayona from Team Apl

And the winners in those battles, as aired earlier were: Douglas, Tanya, Mic, Jem and Janet.

Shaira meanwhile was stolen by Team Sarah, and Arnee was also given another chance after Bamboo also exercised his power to steal.

So there you have it. As of December 14:

Team Lea now has Timothy Pavino, Leah Patricio, Nino Alejandro, her first steal Casper Blancaflor, Mic Llave and Jem Cubil for the Knockouts.

Team Bamboo on one hand has Rita Martinez, Lougee Basabas, Elmerjun Hilario (stolen artist), Rence Rapanot, Tanya Diaz and Arnee Hidalgo (his 2nd stolen artist).

Team Apl has Bradley Holmes, Mark Cando, Suy Galvez (stolen), Mackie Cao and Janet Cadayona.

Team Sarah's artists for the next round are Jason James Dy, Monique Lualhati, Kokoi Baldo, Jason Fernandez (stolen), Demie Fresco, Douglas Dagal and her 2nd "steal" Shaira Cervancia.

Only 2 steals are allowed for each coach. The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 battle rounds continue next week, December 20 and 21.

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