AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 Results: Thailand vs Philippines, Leg 2 semi-finals

LATEST UPDATE: Thailand wins vs the Azkals at home, 3-0, earns a ticket to the AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 finals

PREVIOUS UPDATES: Azkals vs Thailand Leg 2 semi-finals in the 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup is taking place right at this moment in Thailand's Rajamangala Stadium.

Will the Philippine Azkals defeat 3-time champions, Thailand's War Elephants, and make it to the AFF Suzuki Cup finals for the very first time? We shall find that out tonight, December 10, 2014 as I post down here live blog updates of the game. It's also being aired live on ABS-CBN Sports+Action Channel 23.

Please be reminded that since this is being held in Thailand, the latter MUST WIN the match by scoring more goals than the opponent, whereas the Philippines, as the visiting team, needs just at least a draw (but not 0-0) to be able to win. In Leg 1 held in the Philippines, it ended to a 0-0 draw.

As reported in the news, some of our players have been receiving death threats since they arrived in Thailand. Let's hope that the match will run smoothly and won't end like the other semi-final match, Malaysia vs Vietnam, where some of the fans turned really violent.

Here we go...the live updates start here...

Starting 11 for the Azkals: Paul Mulders, Phil Younghusband, Martin Steuble, Misagh Bahadoran, Jerry Lucena, Manuel Ott, Simone Rota, Amani Aguinaldo, Rob Gier, Daisuke Sato and Patrick Deyto.

Starting 11 for Thailand: Mongkol Tossakrai, Kroekrit Thaweekarn, Chanathip Songkrasin, Charyl Chappuis, Sarach Yooyen, Prakit Deeporm, Peerapat Notchaiya, Tanaboon Kesarat, Suttinan Phuk-hom, Narubodin Weerawatnodom and Kawin Thammasatchanan.

Philippines' Simone Rota and Phil Younghusband during the singing of the Philippine National Anthem (credit to @affsuzukicup)

At 8:00 PM Manila time, The Thailand vs Philippines semifinal match in the 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup has started. Venue is Thailand's beautiful home court Rajamangala Stadium, which has over 50,000 Thai fans cheering for their national team. (credit to Rob Gier, @robdazogier2)

6' Oh no! Thailand's Chanathip Songkrasin scores first goal. 1-0. Songkrasin is also responsible for Thailand's previous 2 goals in this year's tournament.

22' Azkals' Daisuke Sato gets a yellow card

32' Azkals' Patrick Reichelt enters for Daisuke Sato

34' Azkals' Martin Steuble booked. 2nd yellow card for the Philippines.

45' 1st half ends. Half-time stats show Thailand is playing better of course, with 1 goal. It has 2 targets on goal, 56% ball possession and just 1 yellow card, while the Azkals have only 1 target on goal, 44% ball possession and 2 yellow cards.

9:05 PM 2nd half starts

57' Kroekrit Thaweekarn makes 2nd goal for Thailand. Now 2-0. Philippines needs to also score 2 to win this.

63' Rob Gier gives the Azkals its 3rd yellow card. Give us goals Azkals! Not yellow cards please.

70' Substitution: Azkals' Mark Hartmann for Simone Rota

72' Another substitution for the Azkals. Paul Mulders OUT. Chris Greatwich IN. No more substitution for the team after this since they have already used up its 3 allowed substitutes.

82' 2nd yellow card for Steuble of the Azkals. And so he gets a red card and thrown out of the game, leaving his team with just 10 players. Still 2-0 for Thailand.

86' Kroekrit Thaweekarn makes another goal, his 2nd, already the 3rd for Thailand. 3-0. I think they're going to the finals already even with 3 minutes left. No more time for the Azkals to tie the score.

And so at 9:52 PM. Matched ends with Thailands' War Elephants as the winners, 3-0, thus advancing to the finals of AFF Suzuki Cup 2014, their 7th time already to make it to the tournament's final round. Congrats Thailand! We're still proud of you, Azkals.

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