QZ 8501 AirAsia Flight Status: Found | Lifeless bodies of passengers seen floating on the sea

AirAsia Flight QZ 8501 has been found already, as of the moment. Search and retrieval operation has been launched for the plane debris and passengers.

On Sunday morning, December 28, 2014, the AirAsia QZ 8501 flight bound for Singapore went missing almost 2 hours after it left Surabaya, Indonesia.

According to the list of passengers provided by AirAsia Indonesia, the plane was carrying 161 people: 155 passengers, 1 pilot and 5 cabin crew. They're mostly Indonesians, and only 6 were not: 3 Koreans, 1 Singaporean, 1 Malaysian and 1

No Filipinos among the passengers, but we, here in the Philippines, are one with the world in praying for the passengers and their families.

This heartbreaking news came just 8 months after the Malaysian Airlines MH370 banished on air last March with over 200 passengers reported dead.


"AirAsia Indonesia regrets to confirm that flight QZ8501 from Surabaya to Singapore has lost contact with air traffic control at 07:24 (Surabaya LT) this morning. The flightook off from Juanda International Airport in surabaya at 0535hours.

The aircraft was an Airbus A320-200 with the registration number PK-AXC. There were two pilots, four flight attendants and one engineer on board.

The captain in command had a total of 6,100 flying hours and the first officer a total of 2,275 flying hours.

There were 155 passengers on board, with 138 adults, 16 children and 1 infant. Also on board were 2 pilots and 5 cabin crew.

Nationalities of passengers and crew onboard are as below:

1 Singapore
1 Malaysia
1 France
3 South Korean
156 Indonesia

At this time, search and rescue operations are being conducted under the guidance of The Indonesia of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

AirAsia Indonesia is cooperating fully and assisting the investigation in every possible way. The aircraft was on the submitted flight plan route and was requesting deviation due to enroute weather before communication with the aircraft was lost while it was still under the control of the Indonesian Air Traffic Control (ATC).

The aircraft had undergone its last scheduled maintenance on 16 November 2014.

AirAsia has established an Emergency Call Centre that is available for family or friends of those who may have been on board the aircraft. The number is: +622129850801.

AirAsia will release further information as soon as it becomes available. Updated information will also be posted on the AirAsia website, www.airasia.com."

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