Miss World 2014 Winner & Live Results: Megan Young passes on her crown

Miss World 2014 winner will be crowned later tonight. Updates of the results based on the Miss World 2014 live stream are available here. (Please scroll down)

Who will succeed the beautiful Megan Young?

Miss World 2013 Megan Young (via Instagram and MWO)

So gorgeous! One of the most beautiful Miss World winners!

Among the 121 Miss World 2014 candidates, Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss and Miss India Koyal Rana are the 2 huge favorites, considered as the strongest contenders to be Megan Young's successor.

Rolene Strauss and Koyal Rana (via Facebook)

As I've previously blogged, India and South Africa have figured prominently as finalists in the Miss World 2014 challenge events Miss India is in the Top 5 of Beach Fashion and Multimedia, Top 10 Beauty with a Purpose, Top 20 in Top Model and Top 29 in Sports. She's also in the Top 10 of the People's Choice voting.

Miss South Africa on one hand is in the Top 3 of the Sports Challenge, as well as Top 5 in Beach Fashion, Top 10 Beauty with a Purpose and Top 20 in the Top Model competition.

Who will win? An Asian or an African or someone else? Will Miss World 2014 continue the streak for Asian beauties? Four (4) recent pageants held before this had Asian titleholders: Philippines
at Miss Earth 2014, Thailand at Miss Intercontinental, India at Miss Supranational and Japan at Miss Tourism World.

Just to let you know, here are my Top 20 favorites for Miss World 2014:

1. South Africa, Rolene Strauss
2. India, Koyal Rana
3. Australia, Courtney Thorpe
4. Russia, Anastasia Kostenko
5. Mexico, Daniela Alvarez Reyes
6. Hungary, Edina Kulcsár
7. Philippines, Valerie Weigmann
8. Netherlands, Tatjana Maul
9. England, Carina Tyrrell
10. Brazil, Julia Gama
11. Turkey, Amine Gulse
12. France, Flora Coquerel
13. Puerto Rico, Genesis Davila
14. Scotland, Ellie McKeating
15. South Sudan, Awien Kuanyin-Agoth
16. United States, Elizabeth Safrit
17. Dominic Republic, Dhio Moreno
18. Guyana, Rafieya Husain
19. Kenya, Idah Nguma
20. Thailand, Nonthawan Thongleng

Other strong alternates are: 21. Trinidad & Tobago, Sarah Jane Waddell 22. Indonesia, Maria Asteria Sastrayu 23. Lebanon, Saly Greige 24. Spain, Lourdes Rodriguez 25. Bosnia & Herzegovina, Isidora Borovcanin 26. Haiti, Carolyn Desert 27. Finland, Krista Haapalainen
28. Sweden, Olivia Asplund 29. Israel, Mor Maman 30. Ecuador, Virginia Limongi

So are you ready for tonight's finale?

Here we go, my live updates start here:

11:00 PM (MLA time) The Miss World 2014 officially starts. All 121 candidates are on stage for the opening number

11:10 PM Presenters come out on stage. Miss World 2013 Megan Young is one of the presenters.

11:17 Introduction of candidates.

11:28 The first leaderboard containing the interview scores are revealed. Miss France is on top so far, followed by South Sudan, Brazil, Hungary, Kenya and South Africa.

11:31 The top 2 Talent finalists perform on stage. Misses Scotland and Malaysia.

11:37 Announcement of Challenge events winners. Sports winner as previously revealed was Miss Finland. And for the other challenges, the winners are: Miss United States - Multimedia, Miss Bosnia & Herzegovina - Top Model, Miss Sweden - Beach Fashion, Miss Malaysia - Talent

Updated Leaderboard: Miss Hungary and Miss South Africa now lead, tied in 1st Place. Closely behind them are India, Mexico and United States.

11:43 Beauty with a Purpose winners, 5 were chosen: India, Kenya, Sweden, Indonesia and Guyana.

11:53 Top 25 Quarter-Finalists are announced:

From Group 1: Bolivia, Brazil, China, Dominican Repulic, England, Mexico
From Group 2: Guyana, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Sudan, Vietnam
From Group 3: Finland, Ghana, Kenya, Netherlands, Philippines
From Group 4: Australia, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago, United States

12:16 AM The TOP 10 announcement:

In 10th Place is Australia.
In 9th Place is Mexico.
In 8th Place is United States.
In 7th Place is Kenya.
In 6th Place is Hungary.
In 5th Place is Brazil.
In 4th Place is Guyana.
In 3rd Place is England.
In 2nd Place is South Africa.
In 1st Place is India.

Yay!! I got 8 of the Top 10. Only Guyana and Kenya are not in my own Top 10.

12:20 And the 11th slot was for the People's Choice winner. And she is Miss Thailand!

All scores are back to zero at this point.

12:25 They're down to just 5. The Top 5 finalists are: (in no particular order)

South Africa
United States

Shockingly, no India in the Top 5, that despite India being the top-ranked candidate in the leaderboard.

12:47 Miss World 2013 Megan Young says good bye to her crown, and it was followed by past and present Miss World titleholders giving honor to Beauty with a Purpose founder Julia Morley.

12:58 AM Announcement of winners:

In 3rd Place - United States of America
In 2nd Place and runner up to Miss World 2014 is Hungary
And the Miss World 2014 is South Africa, Rolene Strauss!

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