Paolo Bediones death rumors swirl after 2nd video scandal

Paolo Bediones has become a subject of death rumors following the leak of his 2nd video scandal last Friday.

Actually, the rumors started to swirl Friday night, a few hours after Paolo Bediones' scandal Part 2 video circulated online and being feasted on by internet users.

According to rumors, Bediones ended his own life by jumping off a tall building. But the truth is, he's very much alive. (In related news, it's actually comedian and 'Banana Nite' star Jobert Austria who attempted to jump off a building.)

In fact, he was still seen reporting for duty on TV5's 'Aksyon Tonite' late night Friday, and then was spotted in Cubao early Saturday morning after responding to an emergency incident, a 'hit and run', as part of his current affairs program 'Rescue 5'.

Paolo even posted a photo on Instagram after their successful rescue effort that early morning, showing him happily posing with his rescue team.

paolobediones: "Ronda Rescue right now regarding to a hit and run in Cubao. A taxi hit a pedestrian crossing Edsa then left his vehicle to escape authorities. A lot of blood but thank goodness only minor
injuries. Have to monitor possible head trauma though. Here with the MMDA men in blue. 1:20am."

So obviously, he's unfazed and not affected at all by the new video cnntroversy. He still does his public affairs jobs, and showing no signs that he's having a major problem goin' on now.

As to where he went and what he did since Saturday morning up to now, we don't know. But I'm sure he wouldn't resort to anything bad to escape from the controversy.

He seems like a strong person. He was able to survive the first video scandal, he can do it again this time.

I remember him posting this meaningful tweet in March 2013:

paolobediones: "If you think about it it's really easy to leave a mark in this world...the question is how do we make it indelible? #whatsurlegacy?"

I hope he didn't mean to say that. During those times, probably, he never thought he would figure into a video scandal controversy.

Now, some people easily forgot his achievements, his valuabe contributions because of those videos which are now leaving a mark for himself that easy (in a negative way).

Paolo may have made that big mistake of doing those videos, but I would still want to continue recognizing him as one of the best hosts we have in the country. -

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