Daniel Matsunaga - 1st non-Pinoy Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother

Daniel Matsunaga has been declared Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother PBB All In, beating 3 female housemates Jane Oineza, Maris Racal and Vickie Rushton.

credit to PBB / ABS-CBN

Half-Brazilian, half-Japanese model Daniel Matsunaga, 25, becomes the very first non-Filipino winner of Pinoy Big Brother.

Obviously, it didn't matter to Pinoy viewers that he's not a Filipino and voted for him to win the show. (In fact, in this blog's annual poll, Daniel also won as the Philippines' Hottest Man for 2012 even if he's not Pinoy.)

Despite having no Filipino blood, Daniel showed in the house that he's got "pusong Pinoy", and set many good examples to all of us. He won not because he's a popular celebrity nor a hot hunk, but because he has a good character. Very deserving winner!

I love what he said after he was announced as the Big Winner, that some people might question him not being a Filipino, but he feels proud to be a Filipino, even prouder than other Pinoys out there. True!

Here's the voting results. Daniel must be thankful that he's well-loved by the voters. He ranked 2nd in BBS votes, and 2nd in BBE. As a result, he won overall!

Jane 19.93%
Daniel 18.52%
Maris 13.62%
Vickie 4.57%

Jane 20.66%
Daniel 6.83%
Maris 10.52%
Vickie 5.35%

Jane -0.73%
Daniel 11.69%
Maris 3.1%
Vickie -0.78%

Daniel Matsunaga, who has been working as a model for almost a decade now, has instantly become so rich with his winnings as PBB All In Big Winner. He got P1 million cash, a condo worth P2M, a business franchise worth P1.5M, another franchise worth P750,000 and an Asian tour package for 2.

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3 Comment(s):

  1. Di po pinoy si james reid. :)

  2. he's half aussie-half pinoy.
    unlike daniel who has no pinoy blood at all.

  3. james reid is aussie. pbballin big winner is now available on abscbn youtube channel :)