Paolo Bediones scandal video Part 2 now goin' viral on social media

Paolo Bediones scandal Part 2 has come out!

20 days after the 1st video was leaked, there's a new Paolo Bediones scandal video that's now going viral on the internet, particularly in social media sites.

Tsk! tsk! tsk! Is Paolo Bediones the new Hayden Kho? Does he also have a video collection just like Kho?

A throwback photo of Paolo Bediones when he was only 18 (taken from his Instagram account)

Paolo, now 40, is again a subject of a "throwback" video, believed to have been taped a decade ago.

What happened to Paolo's effort to stop the leak? Remember, last July 30, the TV5 host and news anchor already sought the help of PNP Anti-Cybercrime Division after he received a "blackmail letter" from someone who threatened to release more videos of him.

And now, 15 days later since he went to PNP, a 2nd video labeled as "Part 2" still made its way online.

Sorry to those imagining Paolo Bediones in a scandal with another man, 'coz the host is again with the same woman from Part 1 video.

The new video is longer, 16 minutes, double than the length of the 1st one.

Is it a sequel or a prequel? Those who have watched it believe it's a prequel.

Mykiru has tracked back links of it in social media sites, and I found out that the Paolo Bediones scandal Part 2 started to get viral possibly early morning today or late last night, while he was delivering news for 'Aksyon Tonite' on TV5.

Something has to be done to prevent it from spreading further, especially that, as what has been previously blogged here on Mykiru, there could be a Paolo Bediones scandal Part 3, or even Part 4.

As responsible netizens, we can help, by not sharing links or even screen shots from the said scandal video.

Paolo now joins the ranks of other Pinoy celebs, Hayden Kho Jr. and Chito Miranda Jr., who have at least 2 leaked private videos on the internet. -

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