Pinoy Big Brother PBB All In Big 4 housemates revealed

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) All In Big 4 housemates: Who among Loisa Andalio, Maris Racal, Daniel Matsunaga, Jane Oineza and Vickie Rushton are part of the PBB ALL IN BIG FOUR?

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After 16 weeks and 119 days, PBB All In is down to its final Big 4 housemates.

The big announcement has just happened on PBB All In's 13th and last eviction night earlier, less than 24 hours before the grand Big Night. Many predicted it's Loisa who will be evicted tonight. Did these predictions turn out right?

One-by-one, the Big 4 housemates, who got the highest voting percentage (BBS less BBE votes), have been named by host Toni Gonzaga.

First to be called was teen housemate Maris Racal from Tagum, Davao del Norte.

She's followed by celebrity housemate from Brazil and Makati City, Daniel Matsunaga, who happens to be non-Filipino, but with "pusong Pinoy".

Also named as a Big 4 housemate was celebrity housemate Jane Oineza from Pasig. She's the most nominated housemate of the season, having nominated 6 times, but she survived them all.

Two were left at this point: Will it be Loisa or Vickie?

And the last slot went to regular housemate Vickie from Negros Occidental, making Loisa as the last evictee of this edition.

Fans of DanVic / DanKie loveteam emerged victorious as they made it sure both Daniel and Vickie will be part of the Big 4.


A - ? 32.68%
B - ? 12.60%
C - ? 10.93%
D - Loisa 14.27%
E - ? 4.13%

A - ? 5.62%
B - ? 0.69%
C - ? 2.75%
D - Loisa 13.28%
E - ? 3.04%

A - 27.06%
B - ? 11.91%
C - ? 8.58%
D - Loisa 0.99%
E - ? 1.09%

As you can see, Loisa lost to Housemate E by a slim margin.

They did not reveal who own those votes other than Housemate D, 'coz by revealing those, viewers will already have the idea on who will be the Big Winner.

For the Big Winner voting, it was announced that voting is back to zero and that voters now only have 1 BBS vote and 1 BBE vote per sim. You can vote by texting BBS or BBE then name of housemate and send it either to 231 or 2331.

Who's your Big Winner? In our Popularity Poll, which will be closed an hour before the Big Night, Jane is so far the top choice, followed by Maris in 2nd.

It's the first time ever that housemates from Makati, Pasig, Davao del Norte and Negros Occidental made it to the Big 4.

It's only the 3rd time that there's just 1 male housemate in the Big 4. The previous 2 were during 2nd regular season (Beatriz, Mickey, Wendy, Gee-Ann) and 4th teen edition (Myrtle, Karen, Roy, Joj & Jai). In those 2 editions however, a female housemate still emerged as the Big Winner.

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