Thalia vs Kris Aquino over ribs removal rumors: Mexican star (offended?) sounds sarcastic in her Instagram posts

Thalia has reacted to a rumor that has been haunting her for almost 2 decades now, and has been brought up on TV recently by Kris Aquino.

Mexican superstar Thalia has long been rumored to have had a rib removal surgery during the 90's to achieve a slimmer waist.

As a child back then, I already heard such rumor when the time Thalia became so much popular here in the Philippines because of her telenovelas 'Marimar', 'Maria Mercedes' and 'Rosalinda' which were huge hits among Pinoy fans.

We can't blame people then to think Thalia had such procedure especially with her very slim 22-inch waistline.

Did she really?

And the rumor resurfaces once again this 2014 when Kris Aquino mentioned about it while she and Boy Abunda were interviewing Beauty
Gonzalez on 'Aquino & Abunda Tonight' earlier this week.

I was actually able to watch that episode, where Kris was in great awe of how the former chubby Beauty Gonzales achieved a slim waist, and
become an FHM Philippines Cover Girl. She asked Beauty if she also had
her ribs removed, just like Thalia who has been rumored to have
undergone so.

Apparently, Kris' mention about it on Philippine TV reached Thalia in the other side of the world.

She first tweeted that she was able to watch said A&Ab Tonight episode and then posted an Instagram photo of her posing with a jar of ribs and tagged Kris in it.

thalia: "To all my loving Filipino Fans, here is the proof. I love My Famous Ribs, I kept these with me all these years. And the Saga continues... @LOVEKRISAQUINO #AQUINOANDABUNDA #MARIMAR #MYTH

As to how she's able to watch the episode, that we don't know exactly. Maybe she's a TFC subscriber, or she has an iWanTv account, or one Pinoy
fan sent her a Youtube link.

While it looked like a joke already, it led many people to believe she is confirming the rumors. News sites even picked that up and put it in their headlines.

As it turned out in her succeeding posts, she's just joking around.

thalia: "Nop...Not mine!"

thalia: "To all my Filipino Fans, Tadaaan!!! Here is My Famous Ribs, would you like to try some Kris Aquino. I am inviting you, Boy Abunda and Anthony Taberna, I'll cook it like Bulalo style next
time. Bring Halo-Halo, Sisig and Ensaimada por Favor. @LOVEKRISAQUINO

Nice prank Thalia! But not funny!

If she wants to deny the rumor, why she has to do it that way? She can just simply say she didn't.

Was she offended by Kris Aquino? Her Instagram posts sound sarcastic already, to the point she's inviting Kris already to eat her famous ribs, which she now means as a food (baby back ribs).

Thalia is unstoppable, and even posted another photo showing cuts of ribs.

Also on Instagram, Kris responded to Thalia's posts and even thanked her for being a good sport.

lovekrisaquino: "Super FUN posts from @thalia. @iamtunying28 she
tagged you! If you review the A&A footage what we said was in ADMIRATION because for us Pinoys we equate sexiness with @thalia. And now the myth is debunked, that her body is all natural & that is even more awe inspiring...Thank you for being a good sport! We Filipinos
remain forever fans, it was because of MARIMAR that primetime TV viewing & programming changed for us. Hoping to meet you 1 day @thalia and share a meal of bulalo."

Nice one Kris!

The Queen of All Media actually got even with Thalia's "sarcastic posts". She put emphasis on the words FUN (when Thalia's posts weren't
that fun at all), and even thanked her for being a good sport (when in fact, the Mexican star wasn't a good sport for pulling such prank).

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