Pinoy Big Brother All In: Is Joshua Garcia the next evictee?

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) All In nominees for this week are : Jane Oineza, Joshua Garcia, Manolo Pedrosa and Fifth Pagotan.

Who are you saving?

To vote, just type: BBname of housemate and sent it to either 2331 or 231 depending on your mobile networks.

It's now Jane's 4th time to get nominated, and it's expected that she will top again the voting results.

For the rest of the nominees, it's all their 3rd time to be part of the nominees list.

How they got nominated?

Last Sunday, Big Brother told the housemates that they are all nominated this week, but each one of them was given the chance to save one of his co-housemates, only if they succeed in the "Ligtask" challenge given to them.

Daniel Matsunaga chose to save Vickie while Fifth wanted to save Manolo. Joshua, Maris and Vickie expressed their desire to save Loisa, while Loisa picked Maris, Manolo chose Daniel.

Since no one wanted to save Fifth, Joshua and Jane, these 3 housemates have been officially announced as official nominees.

For those who wanted to save their fellow housemate from being nominated, Fifth sadly was unable to succeed in the task thus making Manolo as one of the 4 official nominees this week.

Now, who among Jane, Joshua, Fifth and Manolo will leave the house during the 10th Eviction Night this coming weekend?

The competition for this week is gonna be tight among these 3 teens and 1 regular housemate. But many are predicting that Joshua is the next evictee, especially after some JoshAne fans got turned off by him calling Jane as "Touchy Queen".

In our Popularity Poll as of Day 94, July 29, 2014, Joshua is also ranked the lowest among the 4 nominated housemates this week.

1. Jane
2. Maris
3. Manolo
4. Loisa
5. Fifth
6. Joshua
7. Vickie
8. Daniel

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  1. First of all the question is, what are the basis of your most beautiful star title for the year? I cannot believe YES magazine ignored Miss Bea Alonzo up to this time to hold the title. I find her beautiful. She carries herself with poise and grace. She is very talented, the best in acting, she can sing and dance as well. She even wrote a song and it was a beautiful song. She is very generous in her own quiet way. I find her very smart and sensible in her interviews. More power to you Miss Alonzo. Here in Canada she is considered the most decent among the actors of her generations. God bless.

  2. Agree. Just the her face itself can justify how beautiful she is. Plus, it even make her more beautiful is her attitude. She is very nice and polite. That is why we love her. I have a lot of Filipino friends here in Florida that idolize her including me because of the way she carry herself and she is very descent.