Germany vs Argentina in FIFA World Cup 2014 Final!

Germany vs Argentina will be the FIFA World Cup 2014 match, after Argentina won vs the Netherlands at the semi-finals
Netherlands vs Argentina live semi-finals match at FIFA World Cup 2014 is taking place right now in Brazil. I'm posting here live scores, updates and results from the match as aired via BALLS channel and ABS-CBN Sports.

Scores after the 90-minute regulation were 0-0. No goal yet. It's a very tight game, much tighter than the Brazil vs Germany match yesterday which ended 1-7.

Extra time of 30 minutes has been added to break the tie. Scores at the 110th minute still 0-0. And the extra period ended that way.

Penalty shootouts are next to ultimately decide the winner.

Netherland's Ron Vlaar is first for the penalty shoot-out and it was amazingly saved by Argentinean goalkeeper Sergio Romero. 0-0.

Lionel Messi takes first for Argentina and he did it. 0-1.

Arjen Robben scores first for the Netherlands. Now 1-1.

Ezequiel Gray adds 1 to make it 2 for Argentina. 1-2.

NED's Wesly Sneijder attempts to score a goal, but fails. 1-2.

Sergio Aguero makes it 3. At this point, Argentina is so close to winning it. 1-3.

Pressured not to fail, Dirk Kuyt successfully scored, keeping the Netherlands alive. 2-3.

Argentina will advance already if Maxi Rodriguez scores for the team's 4th penalty shoot-out. And he did it, denying the Dutch team to match their runners-up finish at the last World Cup.

Argentina wins on penalties, 2-4.


Netherlands and Argentina are actually 2 of my favorite teams in the World Cup. And football predictions are actually divided as to which team will face Germany in the final.

I won't mind whichever team wins and makes it to the finals, but I would love it more if it's Netherlands so they can finally win a World Cup championship.

It's also okay if it's Argentina, to avoid an all-European face-off in the final, since Germany is already a country from Europe. The 2010 World Cup also had two European nations in the final: Spain, the Champions, and the Netherlands, the Runners-up.

Yes, if Netherlands wins this semifinals match against Argentina, they will be making a back-to-back final appearance, their 4th time over-all and a chance to finally bring home the championship.

Argentina on one hand already appeared in the final 4 times and even emerged as Champions twice. It was more than 2 decades ago since the last time they played for the championship.

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