Alice Dixson wardrobe malfunction at FHM Victory Party 2014

Alice Dixson almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction at FHM Victory Party 2014 held Wednesday night, July 9.

Thanks, nothing was exposed and Alice has avoided a possible embarrasment.

What a class act! She kept calm and classy.

With her incredibly flattering figure and natural sexiness at age 44, Alice Dixson proved why she's deserving to be hailed as one of FHM Philippines' 100 Sexiest Women 2014.

In fact, she drew the most cheers that evening, other than of course this year's #1 Sexiest Marian Rivera.

If I'm not mistaken, she's the oldest to grace the stage in the annual FHM Victory Party, but definitely, she's one of the sexiest ever!

Alice ranks 7th in the 2014 FHM Sexiest list, but many believe she's deserving to rank higher, or even be crowned the Sexiest of them all. Why not?

Not to be outdone, this year's winner Marian Rivera also wowed the crowd and definitely pulled it off in her red outfit.

Now we know why she's again the FHM Sexiest Woman for the 3rd time.

Also gracing the event were Beauty Gonzales, Roxee B., Bangs Garcia, Aubrey Miles, Rufa Mae Quinto, Sara Polverini, Chloe Dauden and more.

Photos credit to Jory Rivera / OPMB Worldwide / FHM Philippines

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