Tado Jimenez death joke turns real : Tado dead in bus accident

Tado Jimenez dead at 39

Sometimes, it's really not good to joke about death.

On Friday, February 7, 2014, comedian Arvin "Tado" Jimenez died in a bus crash which also killed 13 other passengers, while they were heading to Bontoc, Mt. Province.

According to reports, the bus fell into a ravine. Tado was dead on the spot.

He was only 39 years old. (March 24, 1974 - February 7, 2014)

A day or 2 days before his death, Tado, a natural and gifted comedian, played dead while he was being made up for his show "Day Off" on GMA NewsTV 11.

He took a selfie shot while someone was applying make up on his face, posted it on Instagram (@tadojimenez) and captioned it with this:
"North or South....cemetery?"

It's one hair-raising moment after I read that in his Instagram today, and looking at his other Instagram posts, it was like he was already having premonition of his death.

Tado was going to Bontoc for a project which he started. It's called "40 Mountains Project" and in a poster which he posted 5 days before his death, there was the tagline: "Project: Life begins at the mountain", and the photo's caption was: "My journey begins hihi brrr"

5 days later, his journey and life ended when he died at the mountain, over 40 days before he turns 40 years old on March 24.

A night before, he even took a picture of the bus (Florida Transport #835) they will be using for the tour, and the caption said, "Long trip, as in trip trip."

It's gonna be a long trip indeed, as he embarks on a much safer trip, with the Lord Almighty.

Tado was also a businessman, the one behind the "Limitado: Dressed To Kill" shirts. He had consistently used the hashtag #dressedtokill in his Instagram postings.

You will be missed Tado!



"Di bale nang tamad, hindi naman pagod."

"Di bale nang magnakaw, 'wag lang mamakla."


2014 is starting harsh to some of our comedians. Vhong Navarro almost died in a mauling incident last month. And now, comedian Tado died in a bus crash.

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