Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee Kissing Video Scandal: Caught on CCTV!

Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee indeed have a "video scandal" - shown kissing in new CCTV footage. It's one big proof that Cedric and Denice, who are allegedly behind the mauling of Vhong Navarro, could be lovers.

A new CCTV video has just been released showing Cedric Lee kissing Deniece Cornejo inside the elevator of Forbeswood Heights Condominium in Taguig City.

It was in the same elevator as the one in the first CCTV footage released by NBI which showed Vhong Navarro, with hands tied, being escorted out of the condo by Cedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo and several others.

According to ABS-CBN's News Patrol (where I first saw the new CCTV
footage), it was captured after the mauling incident, when Cedric, his sister Bernice, Deniece and 2 more went back to the condo. (Probably after the group released Vhong.)

Watch Cedric Lee kissing Deniece Cornejo in the newly-released CCTV footage: (credit to ABS-CBN)

This could cause another outrage among netizens who have been sick already of their consistent lies.

It's enough proof that
there's "something" between Cedric and Deniece, that they could be more than just friends, contrary to what they've been saying in interviews.

The new CCTV video is another strong evidence favoring Vhong. It's in perfect timing that the new CCTV footage came out on the eve of Valentine's Day, also the day of the preliminary investigation of Vhong's cases vs Cedric, Deniece et al.

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