Karylle and Yael Yuzon Wedding this March, but Vice Ganda doesn't seem to care

Karylle and Yael Yuzon wedding is already set this coming March, as announced by Karylle on the ABS-CBN noontime show 'It's Showtime'.

During the opening of Showtime last Saturday, an emotional Karylle announced her March wedding to SpongeCola frontman Yael Yuzon, who's also a former "hurado" in the show.

Before the announcement, Karylle had to read first a prepared message of thanks to each of her co-hosts, including the notably absent Vice Ganda, the other half of ViceRylle loveteam which was formed on Showtime.

According to Karylle, she's thankful to Vice for teaching her to LOL. "To Vice, you taught me how to laugh out loud na hindi parang mahinhin na dalagang Pilipina na tumatawa," she said even without the
presence of Vice.

Where was Vice? He later showed up during the talent portion of 'I am Pogay', which was on its 3rd weekly finals.

He was sorry for being late, but not to Karylle for failing to come early so he could catch his co-host's grand announcement.

Vice didn't even congratulate Karylle that she's getting married. It was like he doesn't seem to care at all about the wedding.

Could it be true that Vice intentionally skipped the opening because he and Karylle are not in good terms?

Yeah, we're seeing them hosting together in the show, but there's something different than the usual "kulitan" we're used to seeing them in the past, as already noticed by some viewers even before Karylle's wedding announcement.

No more sweet and teasing moments. No more "akbayan". Vice no longer calling Karylle as Bb. Kurba.

What could have caused the silent war between Vice and Karylle? Is it the nearing wedding, which reasonably has to put an end (perhaps just for now) to the ViceRylle loveteam or to any "kiligan" moments between the two? Or could it be something else?

Whatever it is, they better should patch things up. Congrats to Karylle and Yael for their next month's wedding, which will have lots of singing according to Karylle! Best wishes!

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