Pangasinan 'Flesh Eating Disease' Prophecy by Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is coming true?

Pangasinan prophecy in April 2013 by Indian prophet Sadhu
Sundar Selvaraj is freaking out some Pinoys, especially after hearing
the news on 'Bandila' last night about a 'flesh eating disease' in

Failed to catch that Bandila report last night, Feb. 24, 'coz I attended an indie movie screening ("Unfriendly") at the Robinsons Galleria.

But a video of the report is already up on Youtube and it says that a mysterious flesh-eating illness is slowly spreading in Pangasinan. (Can't post the video here because of its sensitive content.)

The headline alone has it all and is already creepy, and netizens are quick to link the news to a prophecy of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj last
April 24, 2013.

Allegedly, according to Selvaraj's prophecy during the 24th National Prayer Gathering in Cuneta Astrodome, a grievous disease will spread all over the world and it will start in Pangasinan. He said that the disease will rot the skin, the flesh and the bones.

screenshot from by @ABSChannel2

I woke up today reading tweets and FB status updates of people, scared by that prophecy which is allegedly coming true after Bandila reported
about the Pangasinan disease. Who wouldn't?

Selvaraj is the same prophet who prophesied about the earthquake in Bohol and a super typhoon in Samar and Leyte (Yolanda / Hainan) which both came true.

Co-incidence or not, there's nothing
to lose if we pray, pray and pray. Only God knows what lies ahead.

I've always believed in the power of prayer. Let's ask for His forgiveness and pray for our countrymen in Pangasinan.

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