Bea Rose Santiago 's Miss International 2013 win makes the Philippines as #1 in beauty pageants

Bea Rose Santiago winning Miss International 2013 the other night has just solidified the Philippines' status as the (new) #1 beauty powerhouse in the world of pageants, at least for 2013.

Before the Miss International finals, it was a close fight between Venezuela and the Philippines for the honor, with the former already has 2 major titles this year: Miss Universe and Miss Earth.

Philippines on one hand has Miss Supranational, Miss World and now, the tie-breaker, Miss International.

5 big pageants in the world were won this year by just 2 countries, Philippines and Venezuela.

Miss Supranational 2013 Mutya Datul, Miss World 2013 Megan Young, Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago (Photos credit to World Beauty Association, Miss World Organization, Miss International Beauty Pageant)

While it still looks like a tie between Venezuela and the Philippines if male pageants included (because the former also won Mister International this year), the Philippines' achievements in other pageants could clearly tell that it's the top-performing country when it comes to beauty pageants this 2013, whether major or minor pageants, topping its 2012 achievements, when it won Manhunt International, Miss International Queen and Miss Tourism International.

The year 2013, no longer 2012, is the Philippines' best year ever in pageants. That despite there's still one more competition left this 2013, the year-end pageant Miss Tourism International 2013/2014.

Here's a long list of beauty pageant achievers from the Philippines for the Year 2013. Be amazed, and if you're a Filipino, you'd be super proud.

Megan Young - Miss World 2013, also Continental Queen of Asia and Top Model winner
Bea Rose Santiago - Miss International 2013
Mutya Datul - Miss Supranational 2013, also Miss Personality
Amber delos Reyes - Miss Teen Expoworld Universe 2013
Isabelle Mariz Mendoza - Miss Campus World 2013
Roland William De Dios - 1st Runner Up, also Best National Costume winner at Mister Campus World 2013
Alvin de Joya - 2nd Runner Up at ATV Mr. Asia Contest 2013
Ariella Arida - 3rd Runner Up, fan vote winner at Miss Universe 2013
Koreen Medina - 3rd Runner Up at Miss Intercontinental 2013
Ali Forbes - 3rd Runner Up at Miss Grand International 2013
Gil Wagas - 4th Runner Up, fan vote winner at Mister International 2013
Angelee delos Reyes - Top 8 at Miss Earth 2013
Cindy Miranda - Top 10, Miss Tourism Ambassador Asia and Best in Attitude at Miss Tourism Queen International 2013
Maureen Wenceslao - Top 10, Best in Interview and Online People's Choice winner at Face of Beauty International 2013
Erimar Ortigas - Top 10 and Popular Vote winner at Mr. Gay World 2013
Kristina Cassandra Ybarra - Top 10 at Miss International Queen 2013
Czarina Rosales - Top 15, Miss Talent, Miss Asia Pacific World Star, Best Model and The World's Most Beautiful Supertalent at the Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent 2013
Aiyanna Mikiewicz - Miss Tourism Asia at Miss Tourism World 2013
Christina Devries - Miss Photogenic at Miss United Continent 2013

And now, for the year 2014, the Philippines has to continue its dominance in pageantry, maintain its "beauty powerhouse" status and just keep winning.

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