Jake Cuenca denies doing prank on Anne Curtis, deletes "kindergarden" tweet

Jake Cuenca has denied he was involved in the alleged prank on Anne Curtis, which according to FashionPulis.com caused the latter's outburst at a party last month.

Anne allegedly was drunk and went ballistic over someone banging the door of the toilet she was using during the party, according to PEP report. When she went out of the toilet, she slapped three people, including John Lloyd Cruz.

A report by Fashion Pulis claims that John Lloyd and Jake allegedly were pulling a prank on Anne before the slapping scandal.

On Twitter today, Dec. 3, Jake was quick to deny he was part of any prank on Anne that night.

ijakecuenca: "I dont go to prive to pull pranks. If i really wanted to sana bumalik nalang ako ng kindergarden. Please know the facts first. #itsnottrue"

His statement however has become a subject of much ridicule by some netizens because of his word "kindergarden" when it should have been "kindergarten".

I would like to believe it was just a typographical error on his part, but the position of the letter "d" on any typing devices, such as cellphones or computers, is not so near from the position of letter "t".

Instead of correcting his mistake, Jake immediately deleted his tweet, probably to avoid further ridicule from cyber bullies. He then posted another tweet defending his side from the alleged Anne Curtis prank, and this time, no more mention of "kindergarten".

ijakecuenca: "Um haters im a little bit to old to be pulling pranks on anyone and if you know me thats not my style. Get your facts straight guys."

I'm hoping no one would make fun again of his new tweet, despite of the minor mistake ("a little bit to old").

Responding to tweets from his other Twitter users, Jake further defended himself. He admitted he was at the Prive Luxury Bar, but denied the claim that he and John Lloyd were the ones banging the door that night.

ijakecuenca: "@jacquelinemegan nothing... yes i was in prive but i didnt see anything. I was busy minding my own buisness. Like things should be."
ijakecuenca: "@nieva_uae @lapearl75 no i absolutley did not bang any doors and i didnt have any problems that night with anne or jlc..."

ijakecuenca: "Im gonna rest now finally. hope i get better tonight... I realized i shouldnt be affected by something i had nothing to do with."

He also reacted to a tweet that he's getting very defensive.

ijakecuenca: “@TeamKatrinaPH: @ijakecuenca why are you defensive?” # its hard to be accused of something u didnt do. I was caught of guard but better now"

Now that Jake's version has been heard, everyone's waiting for John Lloyd's side on this controversy.

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