Tom Daley gay admission in a Youtube video

Tom Daley admits he's gay!

This cutie, hottie British diver broke many of his fans' hearts, girl fans I suppose, when he made a surprising admission that he's dating a man.

On Monday, December 2, the 2012 London Olympics bronze medalist Tom Daley admitted his true sexuality in a video posted via his Youtube channel.
As of this posting, the video already has 4.6 million hits. Watch said vid:

According to Daley, he still fancies girls but as of the moment, he's dating a man and couldn't be this happier.

So, would that put him under "bisexual"?

After posting the video, Daley also posted a photo of him and his mom on Instagram, expressing how happy he is to have a mother who's so supportive of his sexuality.

Tom Daley however has not revealed the identity of the man he's currently dating. Who's that lucky guy?

He may have shocked or made some of his fans really sad, but I think he's gaining more admiration and applause for his gay admission. And if you're a true fan of his, nothing would change and you'll support him all the way.

I applaud him for coming out, for being honest and for having the courage to admit he's also into men.

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