Angelica Panganiban and John Lloyd Cruz video scandal? Kissing at a condo in QC?

Angelica Panganiban and John Lloyd Cruz have a kissing video scandal? Really?

Are they? Can't really believe it!

John Lloyd Cruz and Angelica Panganiban while filming "What I Did For Love" in Vietnam (Photo Credit: Inquirer)

Angelica Panganiban was rumored back in May as the alleged 3rd party in John Lloyd Cruz - Shaina Magdayao breakup, and that time, John Lloyd was also being rumored as the cause of Angelica Panganiban - Derek Ramsay breakup.

Allegedly, those breakups happened after John Lloyd and Angelica arrived from Vietnam where they shot some intimate scenes for the Star Magic 20th Anniversary movie "What I Did For Love", an omnibus film which also stars Piolo Pascual, Bea Alonzo, Diether Ocampo, Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Jake Cuenca, Maja Salvador, Joem Bascon, Jewel Mische and Pokwang.

One Twitter user named Angel Suazo (@mommieangelove) claimed last May 2 that she has video of Angelica Panganiban and John Lloyd Cruz kissing in public, allegedly at a condo in QC (but it's already 1 month and no such video has come out yet to prove it).

mommieangelove: "@IAmDerekRamsay we have videos of angelica and lloydie kissing... dont deny if its bcoz of 3rd party... she is not worth to live with..."

mommieangelove: "@IamAngelicaP we saw u kissing w/ lloydie... how come derek stil protect u for not saying of any 3rd party... i am disappointed, u hurt him!"

mommieangelove: "@IAmDerekRamsay look.. kahit kme hndi makapaniwala sa nakita nmen.. we really like lloydie... but we saw them... she had condo, ryt?" (Derek replied: @mommieangelove angel did a movie with jld in Vietnam where they had scenes like that. Work is work. Take care.)

mommieangelove: "@IAmDerekRamsay work is work? but how bout after work? many of us saw them kissing in public... here in eastwood..."

mommieangelove: "if u can see d videos (evidence)... ur perception bout angel is a decent woman, it will soon crash and regret y u still protecting her :("

mommieangelove: "@IamAngelicaP how come that derek stil protecting u bout 3rd party... we saw u kissing w/ lloydie in public. derek told me ur a decent woman"

mommieangelove: "therealrickylo Why Derek protecting angelica bout 3rd party, but its true bout lloydie., magkasama sila ni angel sa condo for weeks na.."

mommieangelove: "@IamAngelicaP U have condo here in eastwood, ryt? john lloyd and u r togeder for weeks n... always at nyt, sleeping togeder?" (Derek tweeted to his followers: "Guys pls don't believe any of the rumors about angel and john Lloyd. They did scenes for a movie and that's it. That's the truth. Tnx :)")

mommieangelove: "@IAmDerekRamsay we believe... we saw them here in eastwood.. scenes p b un s movie, nkapambahay na damit clang dlwa paakyat ng unit ni angel"

mommieangelove: "@IAmDerekRamsay lalabas din ang katotohanan... kung gusto mo, imonitor mo ung unit ni angelica, gabi gabi nasa unit si lloydie, inuumaga pa."

@mommieangelove by the way opened the said account on Twitter just to expose about Angelica and John Lloyd allegedly kissing at the former's condo in QC. She follows only 4 people: Ricky Lo, Derek Ramsay and 2 fake John Lloyd Cruz accounts.

Magazine-tabloid Pinoy Parazzi ( also mentioned about the condo sighting in their article "Hiwalayang John Lloyd Cruz-Shaina Magdayao at Derek Ramsay-Angelica-panganiban, may news block out?" dated May 14.

And just last night, June 1, Philippine Entertainment Portal ( reported that John Lloyd Cruz was spotted at Angelica Panganiban's condominium unit in Quezon City, which is like a confirmation of what the Twitter user claimed and of what Pinoy Parazzi has reported.

PEP cited 2 sources for its report and also quoted what @mommieangelove revealed on Twitter.

Aside from that condo rumors, there's also this rumor about John Lloyd Cruz and Angelica Panganiban spotted so sweet at a resto bar in Makati.

According to Twitter user @nye1111 last Wednesday night, her friend has photos of Angelica and John Lloyd allegedly drinking together in Makati that evening.

nye1111: "@MicSyLim Spotted in Makati having dinner tonight. John Lloyd and Angelica Panganiban holding hands under the table. So sila na?!Malamang!"

nye1111: "@MicSyLim Let me correct my tweet...John Lloyd & Angelica Panganiban SPOTTED DRINKING in Makati & holding hands under the table."

nye1111: "@imaroxxstar Yes. Kagabi in Makati. They were across my friend's table and it was around 12mn when she posted it on FB."

nye1111: "@imaroxxstar hindi kasi na star struck sya kahit na nasa biz din sya. Super ganda daw and gwapo ni JL. I know my friend won't lie about it."

Unlike @mommieangelove who only joined Twitter last month, @nye1111 has been on Twitter since November 2011 and is following 35 people including John Lloyd's ex-gf Ruffa Gutierrez and her mom Annabelle Rama. Ruffa was actually the first that @nye1111 followed when she joined Twitter in November.

Last Thursday, May 31, Yahoo! Philippines OMG! ( also had this article about Angelica and John Lloyd "very sweet together" and appeared to be "holding hands", which somehow supports what @nye1111 said on Twitter. It was titled "What's the real score between Angelica and John Lloyd?" which according to the site's reliable source happened in Rockwell, Makati.

It allegedly happened around 8PM on Wednesday night, May 30, which is 2 days after John Lloyd came back from Austria where he and Bea Alonzo shot some scenes for their next soap "A Beautiful Affair".

Meanwhile, as news broke out about these alleged sightings, Angelica posted these intriguing tweets yesterday:

IamAngelicaP: "Kakatawa! D pwede sumayaw magisa... Dalawa kayo diba? Nakakapagod kung magisa ka.."

IamAngelicaP: "Sa salitang ingles... It takes 2 to tanggo.. Marunong ka nun?"

IamAngelicaP: "Maiintindihan nyo din ako :) promise :) goodnight!!

IamAngelicaP: "Kung camping ang peg ng life mo... Bawasan mo bagahe mo.. Iwan mo lahat ng mabibigat.. Mapapagod ka.. Wag mo pasanin lahat.

Many could not believe this thing about John Lloyd and Angelica, and would like to believe it's just a gimmick or publicity stunt for their next movie.

I actually can't believe it, either. I might just wait for videos and photos supporting these allegations so I can decide whether to believe it or not. -

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