Karen Reyes hospitalized, in danger of getting "forced eviction" from Big Brother

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Edition 4 housemate Karen Reyes was rushed to the hospital today, June 14, due to "pigsa" infections dehydration.

As shown on tonight's episode, Karen Reyes was hospitalized because of a serious condition that could be detrimental to her health.

And if ever Karen fails to come back from the hospital within 24 hours, she will be given a "Forced Eviction" (FE) by Big Brother.

If she's forcibly evicted, the ongoing voting for the 3 nominees, namely Myrtle, Tom and Yves, will be suspended and no one among the three will leave on Saturday.

But fans of Karen need not worry now 'coz the 24/7 live feed of PBB Teen Edition 4 shows Karen already back inside the house. She's shown in Dextrose IV at the storage room.

Let's continue to pray for Karen's fast recovery. - www.mykiru.ph

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