NBA Finals 2012 Game 3 Live Results: Oklahoma City Thunder Vs. Miami Heat

LATEST UPDATE: Miami Heat wins Game 3 vs Oklahoma City. 91-85.

Live Results and Scores are here for Game 3 of the NBA Finals 2012: Oklahoma City Thunder vs Miami Heat (OKC Thunder vs MIA Heat) happening today, June 17, 2012 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida (June 18 MLA Time)

The NBA Finals 2012 Game 3 (Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Miami Heat) has already started...

1st Q 11:02: Chris Bosh scored the first 2 points for Miami Heat while Thabo Sefolosha scored the first 2 for Oklahoma City Thunder

1st Q 5:34: The 1st 3-point shot of the game was made by Kevin Durant of OKC.

1st Quarter has ended with these scores: 20-26 - another good start for the Miami Heat. Their biggest lead was 6. LeBron James is the leading scorer so far with 10 points.

2nd Q 10:02: Miami on their biggest lead in Game 3, 8 points. 22-30.

2nd Q 7:27: OKC is heating up, cuts down Miami's lead to 2. 29-31.

2nd Q 4:58: Scores are now tied at 35. What's happening Miami? They only scored 9 points so far in the 2nd Quarter as against 15 points of OKC.

2nd Q 2:25: OKC now leads, 39-38.

2nd Q 22 seconds remaining: The Miami Heat are recovering so fast as they take back the lead. 43-47.

Half-time Scores: OKC 46-47 MIA. OKC's Russell Westbrook made a 3-point shot a few seconds left in the 2nd Quarter, to trim down the lead to 1.

3rd Q 7:55: The OKC Thunder are now leading by 5, 56-51.

3rd Q 6:21: And the lead went up to 9. Wow! 60-51. It's OKC's biggest lead so far.

3rd Q 4:45: 3 more points for Miami. 60-54. Dwayne Wade and Bosh are the only ones scoring for the Miami Heat in this quarter. LeBron has scored nothing and his points are stuck at 16, which he earned during the 1st half. OKC's Durant already has 21 points.

3rd Q 3:53: LeBron finally scores, but the lead by OKC is up to 7 points. 65-58

3rd Quarter ends: 67-69 for Miami. It's going to be a crucial 4th Quarter.

4th Q 8:10: Miami still leads by two. 74-76.

4th Q 5:59: It's now just a 1-point lead by Miami. 77-78.

4th Q 3:44: Wade makes a 2-point shot plus a free throw, then LeBron dunks, with a shooting foul by Durant, to make Miami's lead to 7. 77-84.

4th Q 2:16: Durant scores 2 for OKC plus a free throw by Perkins. LeBron scores 2. 80-86.

4th Q 1:19: Westbrook and Sefolosha score for OKC. Bosh of MIA hits 2 free throws. 85-88.

4th Q 16 sec. remaining: 85-89.

4th Quarter ends. Final Scores: 85-91. Miami Heat wins Game 3 to lead series, 2-1.

LeBron James was Game 3's Best Player with 29 points, 14 rebounds and 3 assists.

1st Quarter: 20-26
2nd Quarter: 46-47
3rd Quarter: 67-69
4th Quarter: 85-91

OKC THUNDER: 20, 26, 21, 18
MIA HEAT: 26, 21, 22, 22

1. Kevin Durant 25 pts
2. Russell Westbrook 19 pts
3. Kendricks Perkins 8 pts
4. James Harden 9 pts
4. Derek Fisher 9 pts
6. Serge Ibaka 5 pts
7. Thabo Sefolosha 4 pts
8. Nick Collison 2 pts

1. LeBron James 29 pts
2. Dwayne Wade 25 pts
3. Chris Bosh 10 pts
4. Shane Battier 9 pts
5. Udonis Haslem 6 pts
5. James Jones 6 pts
7. Mike Miller 4 pts
8. Mario Chalmers 2 pts

Game 1: 107-94 (1-0)
Game 2: 96-100 (1-1)
Game 3: 85-91 (1-2)

Game 4 is set for June 19 still at Miami's home-court (June 20 MLA time). -

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