PBB Teen Edition 4 Face to Face Nomination: 4 housemates are up for eviction

Four housemates face eviction from Pinoy Big Brother house this coming Friday, June 22, and they are:

Myrtle Sarrosa of Iloilo City,
Karen Reyes of Oriental Mindoro,
Yves Flores of Tarlac
and Ryan Boyce of Pampanga.

This week's nomination was different from previous weeks' nomination process because it was done face-to-face or what Big Brother called as "Harapang Nominasyon".

And also for the first time this edition, the live eviction will be held on a Friday. That's because there will be no more PBB during weekends due to 'The X Factor Philippines' which starts this Saturday, June 23.

It just means, you only have 4 days to vote for who you want to stay longer in the house. To vote, just type: BB [name of housemate] then send it to 231 for Smart, TNT subscribers or 2331 for Globe, TM or Sun subscribers.

It's Ryan's first time to get nominated for eviction, but it looks like his last already because he's most likely the one to be evicted on Friday.

Here's how the housemates voted against each other:
Yves = 1 pt Roy, 2 pts Ryan
Roy = 1 pt Yves, 2 pts Myrtle
Alec = 1 pt Karen, 2 pts Yves
Karen = 1 pt Alec, 2 pts Yves
Myrtle = 1 pt Roy, 2 pts Karen
Ryan = 1 pt Alec, 2 pts Myrtle
Joj and Jai = 1 pt Ryan, 2 pts Yves

Nominations Tally:
Yves = 7 pts
Myrtle = 4 pts
Karen = 3 pts
Ryan = 3 pts
Roy = 2 pts
Alec = 2 pts

Since the 1st Nomination Night, no one has nominated against the twins, Joj and Jai.

None of their fellow housemates have given Joj and Jai at least 1 or 2 points, starting from the 1st Nomination up to the 8th Nomination Night of PBB Teen Edition 4, which is quite a big achievement and can be considered a record already in PBB history. - www.mykiru.ph

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