Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Edition 4 Popularity Poll: Vote now!

Mykiru Isyusero is conducting once again a popularity poll for Pinoy Big Brother, this time for its Teen Edition 4 housemates who entered the house last April 8.

In two previous "PBB" editions, Mykiru Isyusero's Popularity Poll, which ran from the show's premiere up to the finale, correctly predicted who might end up as the Big Winner.

The one who topped the Popularity Poll also ended up as the official Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother: such as in the case of Melai Cantiveros (PBB Double Up Big Winner) and Slater Young (PBB Unlimited Big Winner).

And in fact, the rankings in the popularity poll of the Big 5 housemates of PBB Double Up and the Big 4 housemates of PBB Unlimited also turned out to be their official rankings during the Big Night.

For the newest edition of PBB Teens, let's see if Mykiru's Popularity Poll turns out right again.

Vote for your favorite PBB Teen Edition 4 housemates now! (Just scroll down for the poll. You can vote for as many housemates as you can.)

Jai & Joj Agpangan

Karen Reyes

Myrtle Sarrosa

Roy Requejo

Alec Brandon Dungo, Claire Bercero, Clodet Loreto, Kit Thompson,
Mariz Raneses, Nikka Javier, Ryan Boyce, Tom Doromal, Vince Manlapaz, Yves Flores

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