Rustom Padilla, from BB Gandanghari to BB Tanggal-ari? Sharon Cuneta tweets about Rustom's ex-boyfriend

Rustom Padilla aka BB Gandanghari is generating lots of buzz recently, something she's enjoying for sure since she returned to the country 2 weeks ago.

BB Gandanghari
BB Gandanghari being interviewed on Paparazzi, March 17, 2012 episode (Screenshot by Eric Floyd Tinio)

BB Gandanghari's interview on TV5's Paparazzi last Saturday is still being talked about, especially that it was her first live TV appearance since she returned from the US, where she's based as a model.

She was interviewed by very own sister-in-law Mariel Rodriguez, who just like everyone else, was interested to know whether Rustom Padilla, now BB Gandanghari, had a s3x change operation in the US or not.

If yes, then maybe BB Gandanghari should change her name now to BB Tanggal-ari or BB Bagong-ari. (Either of the two sounds better haha.)

However, BB neither confirmed nor denied that she had undergone such procedure. "I hope you would forgive me if I don't talk more about it, because whatever is between my legs is basically my own private thing," said BB in response to Mariel's question about her alleged s3x change.

It was so easy to answer it with a yes or a no, but BB opted not to do so, which was a good decision though.

It's no longer our business whether BB already had her male private parts removed, but I still believe though that she still have those.

Aside from this issue, BB Gandanghari's past as Rustom Padilla is also the subject of Twitter conversations recently, especially after the Megastar Sharon Cuneta posted on Twitter that she knows BB Gandanghari's ex-boyfriend when she was still Rustom Padilla.

"@alijar_jayvee may ex nga si BB [Gandanghari] nung si rustom [Padilla] pa sya kilala ko @kc_concepcion," said Sharon via Twitter. (Read more Sharon Cuneta's explosive tweets)

Sharon tweeted that while she was in a heated exchange of tweets with bashers, who she suspected some of them as fans of Piolo Pascual, ex-boyfriend of daughter KC Concepcion.

And notice that she added KC's Twitter handle after saying those, that's why many suspected that Sharon is referring to Piolo Pascual as the ex-boyfriend of BB Gandanghari.

Ever since Rustom Padilla outed and became BB Gandanghari, it was already rumored that Piolo and Rustom had something in the past.

I've read in an old article by Alfie Lorenzo published on Abante-Tonite in March 6, 2006 that Piolo, Rustom and Eric Quizon were allegedly in a love triangle.

Even Lolit Solis contributed to the rumors about them in 2007, when she said that she wanted Yul Servo, Eric Quizon and Rustom Padilla to testify for her in the libel case filed against her by Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby. ©

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