Kris Lawrence wants a DNA Test of Katrina Halili's baby?

Singer and 'Party Pilipinas' mainstay Kris Lawrence is the father of Katrina Halili's unborn baby, as confirmed by Katrina herself in an interview for Startalk last week.

Kris Lawrence shirtless for Bench Body

While Katrina Halili, 26, has proudly confirmed her pregnancy and pointed Kris Lawrence, 29, as the father, the latter isn't ready to talk yet and has remained silent on the issue. Isn't he happy and proud?

Kris' manager Tinnie Esguerra has released a statement on his behalf via that he and Katrina are not gonna get married anytime soon and that he will give full support to Katrina and the baby.

But when is Kris going to face the world and have the courage to say: "Yes, I'm going to be a father"?

That's why rumors are starting to spread alleging that Kris is unhappy and unprepared to be a dad, or he's allegedly unsure that Katrina's baby is really his.

The worst rumor is, Kris allegedly wanted a DNA test first before he could acknowdlege the baby.

I think those are untrue.

Kris may have not granted anyone an interview yet, but on Twitter, he has been happily posting tweets about Katrina and this new chapter in their life.

@ImKrisLawrence tweets:

"Is watching Startalk now :-)" [Katrina's interview was being aired]

"Is inspired :-D"

"Thank u all for all ur wonderful greetings :-) It's amazing :-)" [Kris responded to congratulatory tweets]

"@katrina_halili you look so beautiful in ur interview :-)

Kris is expected to speak up in an interview about Katrina's pregnancy by the end of this week, or next week.

Speaking of DNA Testing, I think Katrina and Kris will still be needing that in the future when they decide to apply for the baby's US citizenship.

Since Kris is an American citizen and not married to Katrina, and she wants to give birth in Manila, a DNA test might be required for Kris to prove he's the father or to establish his paternity, so his baby could also acquire US citizenship. ©

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