Tin Patrimonio evicted from Pinoy Big Brother house! Shocking!

Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited had a really shocking 15th Eviction Night earlier when Tin Patrimonio, daughter of PBA legend Alvin Patrimonio, was evicted from the show.

Tin Patrimonio PBB Unlimited housemateIt was really surprising that Tin Patrimonio got evicted because she consistently topped previous evictions, most especially during the first overnight voting done before the Top 14 housemates were revealed.

Tin ranked 1st during that time. (1. Tin 2. Biggel 3. Paco 4. Slater 5. Carlo 6. Wendy 7. Divine 8. Jessica 9. Seiichi 10. Kevin 11. Pamu)

She was also the one who caused housemate Paco's eviction before, when Tin won over him, with 57.37%, in the voting for the 9th Eviction. Paco had 42.63% and was evicted.

And also during the 11th Eviction, Tin got 27.86% higher than Biggel's 25.02%.

For the latest eviction results, Tin ranked the lowest, 6th, while Paco, who returned as wild card housemate, and the other 4 remaining housemates are now ranked higher than Tin, with Biggel occupying the top spot.

The voting for the latest eviction was done for only 1 day, from last Sunday night until Monday night, with stricter rule of 1 vote per 1 sim.

Here's the voting results for the 15th Eviction Night:

1. Joseph Biggel 19.49%
2. Divine Maitland-Smith 19.20%
3. Paco Evangelista 18.39%
4. Pamu Pamorada 17.26%
5. Slater Young 14.16%
6. Tin Patrimonio 11.50%

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  1. grabe!!! dapat malaglag n yang paco n yan at c pamu puro sila playing safe....plastic sila pareho....kakainis kaya dalawang yan...dapat si biggel manalo sa big night....go..go..go... biggel