Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited's Big 4 housemates named

Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited's last eviction has just happened earlier revealing the most unfortunate housemate to be evicted with only 3 days left before the Big Night.

And that housemate is the openly lesbian from Cebu, Divine Maitland-Smith, who got the lowest percentage of votes, 5.51%, during the voting done Tuesday night, from around 10 to 12 midnight, still with "1 vote per sim" rule.

Here's the results of PBB Unlimited's last eviction:

1. Slater 49.51%
2. Paco 16.91%
3. Biggel 15.56%
4. Pamu 12.51%
5. Divine 5.51%

Wow, Slater Young got an unimaginable wide lead, almost half of the total votes. His fans have proven their force tonight after Slater almost got evicted last Saturday.

Notice that there's a big change in the ranking when compared to Saturday's eviction with Tin Patrimonio as the evictiee.

Voting results then had Slater in the Bottom 2, Biggel on top and Divine in 2nd slot. (1. Biggel 19.49%, 2. Divine 19.20%, 3. Paco 18.39%, 4. Pamu 17.26%, 5. Slater 14.16%, 6. Tin 11.50%)

This just shows that the official Big 4 housemates, now composed of Slater, Paco, Biggel and Pamu, still have equal chances in becoming PBB Unlimited's Big Winner.

Anything surprising can still happen on PBB Unlimited Big Night happening this Saturday, March 31, 2012, at the Quirino Grand Stand.

Who's your Big Winner?

Joseph Biggel,
Paco Evangelista

Pamu Pamorada, Slater Young


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