Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Unlimited "Big Winner" Online Poll Results has Slater Young on top

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Unlimited Big Night at the Grandstand is happening tonight, March 31, 2012.

Who among Joseph Biggel, Paco Evangelista, Pamu Pamorada and Slater Young will be named as BB Unlimited's Big Winner?

Three days ago, after the Big 4 housemates were announced, Mykiru Isyusero made this online poll asking the voters to pick their own Big Winner and the results are in.

The hunky Slater Young from Cebu topped the poll, with more than half of the total votes. Pamu came 2nd, Paco in 3rd and Biggel in 4th place.

"Big Winner" Poll Results:
1. Slater 50.86%
2. Pamu 19.91%
3. Paco 15.47%
4. Biggel 13.75%

When PBB Unlimited started in October, I also created a "Popularity Poll" asking the voters to pick their favorite housemates.

Unlike the "Big Winner" Poll, where the voters can only vote for just 1 housemate, the "Popularity Poll" had no limits as to the number of choices. The voters were able to vote for as many housemates as they can, taking into consideration that a voter has many favorite housemates, and not just one.

And the poll, which ran from October 29 until March 31, also had Slater on top, which means he's the top favorite and the most likable housemate of PBB Unlimited, appearing in most people's "fave" list.

Seiichi came 2nd, followed by Tin and Divine.

But if only the 4 remaining housemates are considered, their ranking would be: 1. Slater 2. Pamu 3. Biggel 4. Paco.

Popularity Poll Results:
1. Slater Young 10.96% (1,025 votes)
2. Seiichi Ushimi 10.53% (985 votes)
3. Tin Patrimonio 10.44% (976 votes)
4. Divine Maitland-Smith 8.72% (815 votes)
5. Pamu Pamorada 8.47% (792 votes)
6. Kevin Fowler 6.64% (621 votes)
7. Carlo Romero 5.6% (524 votes)
8. Biggel 5.09% (476 votes)
9. Kim De Guzman 3.82% (357 votes)
10. Eting Busarang 3.23% (302 votes)
11. Deniesse Joaquin 2.78% (260 votes)
12. Jessica Connelly 2.51% (235 votes)
13. Wendy Tabusalla 2.4% (224 votes)
14. Paco Evangelista 2.21% (207 votes)
15. Jerico Redrico 2.02% (189 votes)

Stay tuned for the official results tonight on PBB Unlimited's Big Night at the Grandstand and we shall know the official Big Winner. ©

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  1. satisfied ako sa naging result ng pbb unlimited, si slater talaga ang gusto kong manalo...