Titanic 3D's red carpet premiere in London

Titanic is back!

"Titanic" returns to cinemas this April, but this time with the new title "Titanic 3D", obviously now a three-dimensional film.

The re-release of Hollywood's all-time 2nd highest-grossing film "Titanic" in 3D is a 100th year commemoration of the sinking of the passenger ship RMS Titanic in April 15, 1912.

It will be released in the U.S. on April 4 (Wednesday) then worldwide on April 6 (Friday). But here in the Philippines, Titanic 3D will open in theaters April 7 (Black Saturday), same date of showing of local film "Moron 5 and the Crying Lady".

And while most people in the world are so much excited of this well-loved movie's showing next week, the excitement came earlier in London because Titanic 3D just had its red carpet premiere there, March 27 (5PM London time, 9AM US time, 12MN Manila time).

Posted below are photos from Titanic 3D's London premiere held Tuesday, March 27, attended by its cast members Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Frances Fisher and Bill Paxton, and its director James Cameron. (Credit to @TitanicMovie on Twitter)

The beautiful Rose, Kate Winslet

Billy Zane

Frances Fisher

Bill Paxton

Director James Cameron

Huwaaat? No Leonardo DiCaprio? Jack is missing? Whyyy?

Titanic 3D's red carpet premiere was held at the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington Gore, London. © www.mykiru.ph

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