David Archuleta's "Nandito Ako" domination on Twitter, consistently trending from premiere to finale

'Nandito Ako', a mini-series on TV5 topbilled by David Archuleta and Jasmine Curtis, had its grand finale last night, March 23, after 5 weeks of airing.
It was a successful, much talked-about finale for David Archuleta's 'Nandito Ako' that it was able to trend worldwide on Twitter just like most ABS-CBN teleseryes, and even some of GMA soaps, which also trended worldwide on its finale.

If I'm not mistaken, it was a first for a TV5 series' finale to make it to Twitter's trending topics worldwide. And take note, not just only 1 topic related to 'Nandito Ako' trended worldwide last night, but there were 3.

And these are: "Nandito Ako Finale" (trending for 3 hours), "We are Here for David Archuleta" (for 3 and a half hours) and "Thank You TV5 Manila" (for 2 hours).

It was probably one of the most phenomenal TV5 series 'coz even before that trend-setting finale, "Nandito Ako", David Archuleta or his character Josh Bradley consistently trended on Twitter worldwide since its premiere last month.

Exclusive! Mykiru has compiled below the worldwide-trending topics on Twitter related to TV5's 'Nandito Ako' starting from its debut last February 20 until its finale last night, March 23.

*Nandito Ako (trending last Feb. 20, 21, 22, 23)
*Josh Bradley (Feb. 20)
*Oh My Josh Bradley (Feb. 23)
*Watch Nandito Ako (Feb. 24)
*David Archuleta Can Act (Feb. 24)
*Proud of David Archuleta (Feb. 25)
*David Archuleta in Bunny Suit (Feb. 27)
*Run Josh Bradley Run (Feb. 29)
*The Great Escape of Josh Bradley (Mar. 1)
*Josh Bradley Infection (Mar. 2)
*Sneaky Josh Bradley (Mar. 5)
*Chasing Josh Bradley (Mar. 6)
*Josh Bradley is David Archuleta (Mar. 7)
*Road Trip with Josh Bradley (Mar. 8)
*TV5 Manila Nandito Ako (Mar. 9)
*Falling for Josh Bradley (Mar. 9)
*Saving Josh Bradley (Mar. 12)
*In Love with Josh Bradley (Mar. 13)
*Nandito Ako From TV5 Manila (Mar. 13)
*David Archuleta in TV5 Manila (Mar. 14)
*Josh Bradley Is In Love (Mar. 14)
*Nandito Ako Week 4 is Emotional (Mar. 14)
*David Archuleta Did Great (Mar. 15)
*Nandito Ako of TV5 Manila (Mar. 15)
*The Thing with Josh Bradley (Mar. 15)
*We Love Nandito Ako TV5 Manila (Mar. 16)
*Josh Bradley Goes Serenading (Mar. 16)
*Do Not Give Up Josh Bradley (Mar. 19)
*DavidArchie in TV5 Manila (Mar. 20)
*Catch the Heart of Josh Bradley (Mar. 20)
*Jasmine and Eula of TV5 Manila (Mar. 21)
*Wake Up Josh Bradley (Mar. 21)
*David Archuleta in Nandito Ako (Mar. 22)
*Wherever You Are Josh Bradley (Mar. 22)
*Alwyn Ana RS in TV5 Manila (Mar. 22)
*Nandito Ako Finale (Mar. 23)
*We are Here for David Archuleta (Mar. 23)
*Thank You TV5 Manila (Mar. 23)

Wow, that's too many! Thanks to David Archuleta's fans (the Archies) from around the world contributed the most to the series' phenomenal trending history. © www.mykiru.ph

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