Kim and Enchong in MEG February 2009 issue


Wearing Coke special-edition Bench statement shirts, young stars Kim Chiu and Enchong Dee are in the cover of MEG Magazine for February, 2009.

In their interview with MEG, Kim and Enchong shared the roles they dream of portraying on television. Kim wants to be a mermaid ala Marina while Enchong dreams of portraying real-life hero Andres Bonifacio.

Also featured in the Cute Guy Section is Ka-Blog host and Colgate Max Fresh model Lucky Mark Mercado (photo below), Bamboo, Lipgloss cast, 90210 girls and 3 of the hottest loveteams of today: Kris-Aljur, Lauren-AJ and Max-Rodjun.

Check out MEG's special feature on Kim and Enchong:

Enchong is a champion swimmer who became a member of the national swimming team at the age of 13. Now, he is a graduating student and a dean’s lister at De La Salle University-Manila, taking up a course in Developmental Studies. He hopes to become a politician someday.

While Kim, on the other had, bested thousands of other teen aspirants from all over the country for a spot in the first season of the phenomenal Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition when she was 16. Now, she stands as the breadwinner of her family.
Despite their youth, both Kim and Enchong perfectly personify the values of familialresponsibility, obedience and hard work.

Has being in show business changed you?

K: I used to be called “tamimi” (speechless) at home, but when I entered showbiz, they [family] stopped calling me that because I’m not quiet anymore! When they saw me on TV they couldn’t believe that I have talent rin pala.

E: When it comes to showbiz, [you have to] be contained and stay out of trouble. It’s especially important to remain down-to-earth because it’ll be the start of your downfall if you’re not.

What was the greatest challenge you've faced and how were you able to handle it?

K: So far, the greatest challenge in my life was when my mom left us. Prayers have helped me a lot. I always ask God to take care of my mom wherever she is now and to give me strength to face all my problems.

E: Entering showbiz was one of the greatest challenges I had to deal with. It’s hard when you come from a totally different [non-showbiz] world. I thought to myself, if I want to be good at it, I have to accept and adjust with it.

Having worked together on many shows, how would you describe each other?

K: Enchong is a very funny, cool guy. He charms people with his smile and he also has his ways of making them laugh and feel good about themselves. Buddy-buddy kami.

E: Kim is the kind of girl who’s fun to be with and she’s ready to learn. Curious siya palagi, and I think that’s what makes her advanced compared to other artists because she’s open to changes and to new things. I admire that she’s traditional and she’s very conservative.

What’s your dream role?

K: A role in a fanta-serye sana. I’d love to play a mermaid role like our local sea goddess Marina or Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

E: I’ve always wanted to play the life of Andres Bonifacio. I think he’s someone who has done great things for our country and I admire him as a hero because what he’s done gave us our freedom.

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