'Sagwan' premiere a success

The indie film 'Sagwan' starring the Cappuccino Boys had a successful premiere at UP's Cine Adarna last Wednesday, February 4, 2009.

The movie's number of attendees reached to 1,088, the highest number of attendees ever in Cine Adarna history.

It was the uncut version of the said gay movie and as expected, over 90% of the spectators were gay men.

And for sure, those gay men were after the movie's much publicized frontal scenes of Ryan Dungo and Dennis Torres, two members of the Cappuccinos.

Unfortunately, the movie's regular showing is on hold for now as it was given a double X rating by the MTRCB.

'Sagwan' is directed by Monti Puno Parungao under Roca Productions and also stars Martina Wilson, Mark Portus, Erie Obsena, Anton Vincent Malco, Gino Cabrillas, Adrian Campos, Heherson Esmeralda, Alexander Castillo and Arnold Mendoza.

Here are some sexy photos of Dennis and Ryan, the "sagwan" boys of the movie:

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