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Philippine Star's Ricky Lo had a conversation with Star Cinema's Valentine pride and My Big Love star Sam Milby.

Sam took time of enumerating facts about himself like being dumped by someone else and admitted he never had a the Philippines.

He actually had four past girlfiends in the US and for now, he wants his Maging Sino Ka Man co-star to be the next one.

The talented actor also gave a bit of details about his first kiss. According to him, the "smooth" kiss happened when he was around 13 or 14.

He loves to be with fun and positive people but hates those who are “negative”, dishonest and not trust-worthy. (May pinapatamaan ba?)

Here's the "I AM SAM" article courtesy of Philippine Star:

• I am Sam.

• I am 25, a Gemini (turning 26 on May 25). I stand 5’10” and I weigh 165 lbs. The color of my eyes is brown and my hair, brown. I have a scar on the forehead. I got it when I was a baby and I fell off and hit the corner of the bed. My parents are Elsie Lacia and Lloyd William Milby. I have one sister and one half-brother; my other half-brother has passed away. I finished only first year college.

• I grew up the American way. My whole childhood was all about sports. My parents were disciplinarian.

• I came to the Philippines four years ago to take a short vacation and I got stuck — happily. For kicks, I auditioned for commercials and I got first into the Emperador Brandy commercial and then, CloseUp. Wow, I said. Before I knew it, I was on Pinoy Big Brother (PBB). Things happened fast after that. And they have never stopped happening.

• As a kid, I was a bit shy but I was never bullied in school. My sister is the outgoing one. People mistake my shyness for snobbishness. But when you get to know me, you will see that I’m really a nice guy. I don’t open up easily. It takes time before I really warm up to people, especially strangers.

• Actually, I did home school for six years because I was always training in skating. I even lived with my coach. Have I sustained injuries from skating? I have a couple of sprained ankles.

• I am pretty patient, athletic, family-oriented, loyal and respectful. I can also be forgiving. Like what happened to me and my last girlfriend in the US. One day, she invited me to her place and guess who I saw with her — her new boyfriend. I didn’t know that she had dumped me for somebody else. She told me, “Now, get out of my life!” As simple as that. Did I become violent? No, I did not. Did I confront the guy? No, I did not. I just left, very quietly. But I easily forgave her.

• I have had three or four girlfriends so far, all in the States. I haven’t had a girlfriend here, but I hope to have one soon. Yes, I am courting Anne (Curtis). Is there hope? I think so; I can feel it. What do I like about her? Her godliness and her thoughtfulness. She’s pretty, all right, but I’m not so much into the physical aspects; I go beyond, I’m interested in the inner self.

• Did I ever court Toni (Gonzaga)? No, I did not. At that time, we were thrown into each other’s company often, I didn’t know what was happening, whether I was courting her or not. You see, the courtship style in the States is different from the courting style in the Philippines. We ended up as good friends. Toni will always have a special place in my heart because she’s the first girl I got very close to here. She’s always there for me. I’m glad that we’re working together again in My Big Love.

• What other qualities do I want in a girl? She must be down-to-earth, nice to talk to, understanding, godly, with beautiful eyes and lips.

• I was 13 or 14 when I had my first kiss. It was with my first girlfriend. I still remember her name — Lour Miller. Her first name is pronounced like “flour.” Was it a passionate kiss? No, it wasn’t. It was smooth.

• I am clean-living now. Do I drink? I used to. Do I smoke? I used to. I did smoke inside Big Brother’s house. But I’ve never done drugs. I observe a strict diet. There was a time when I loved Thai food and Indian food. I loved them very hot and spicy. Afterward, I shifted to Japanese food. Now, I’m more into cereals; I eat oatmeal all the time.

• I used to work out a lot but not these days when I’m so tied up with work. But as soon as I wake up, I try to do as many sit-ups as I can. I put on a CD on the player and I do my sit-ups to the music, right on my bedroom floor.

• I love people who are positive and fun to be with. I love listening to music and watching movies on DVD. I love photography. I love working. I love sleeping! My favorite sleep wear is a pair of comfortable shorts and loose T-shirt. These days, busy as I am, I can have only four to five hours of sleep, so I try to catch up when I have free time. Nightlife? No, I seldom go out at night.

• I hate people who are “negative” and dishonest and who are not trust-worthy. I can tell if a person is dishonest just by looking straight into his eyes. The eyes don’t lie. They are the mirrors of a person’s soul, remember? I also hate bad drivers, especially when they are in front of you and you’re running late for work.

• I am happiest when I’m working because I am workaholic. I’m also happiest when I am sleeping.

• I like to think that I am a nice person, that I haven’t offended and I don’t offend anybody. I don’t step on other’s people’s toes. I follow the Golden Rule. I believe in the Law of Karma.

• I joined showbiz expecting to be subjected to intrigue and gossip. I knew it would be bad but I never thought it would be that bad. How do I handle them? I try to just shrug them off but sometimes I just cannot. I think that if the people behind all those ugly gossip really know me, they would think 10 times before doing them.

• Yes, I come from a laid-back place in Ohio, USA, so I did get a dose of culture shock when I entered showbiz. Suddenly, I was living in a glass house and I don’t mean Big Brother’s house.

• I pray before I go to sleep not only for myself but for other people, including those who think ill of me so they will be enlightened.

• I am just a regular guy.

• Am I vain? No, I’m not, although a lot of people think that I am. Honestly, I do find myself goodlooking but not very attractive. I don’t think there’s anything special about me except my...dimples? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

• I am a worrier. Yes, I worry about a lot of things, about everything! I can be very pessimistic and I’m trying hard to change that attitude. It’s not good, is it?

• My present state of mind? I don’t have a mind. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

• I am what I am.

• I am a Christian.

• I am Sam.

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