Binibining Pilipinas 2008 Candidates (Photos)


1. Eizza Rancesca Lim; 2. Patricia Fernandez; 3. Toni Alyessa Hipolito; 4. Karla Paula Henry

5. Ma. Kristelle Lazaro; 6. Evangeline Mae Castillo; 7. Jennifer Barrientos; 8. Danielle Kirsten Muriel Castano

9. Kathleen Phyllis Guerrero; 10. Arvin Gail Arriola; 11. Gianni Michelle Laudato; 12. Jaysel Arrozal

13. Tabetha Jo Frick; 14. Karen Golar; 15. Janina San Miguel; 16. Margarita Gutierrez

17. Lady Lou Garidan; 18. Elizabeth Jacqueline Nacuspag; 19. Patricia Francisco; 20. Roxanne Tadique

21. Karla Kristina Garcia; 22. Ma. Anne Kathleen Labung; 23. Agatha Fontanilla; 24. Rizza Liz Catigan

Photos courtesy of Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc.

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28 Comment(s):

  1. kristoff bets:

    17 lady lou
    9 kathleen
    1 eizza

  2. i'll go for # 17 ms. lady lou garidan... an outstanding student... a leader...a cum laude... a teacher... a friend... she has the 3b's(beauty,body and brain)... a true Filipina at heart...usmian were proud of her..

  3. hopefully this years winners will shine internationally, so that they can be an ambassadress of goodwill, which focusess on children,less fortunate ones 6 mother nature, so to help to others about the cause of living

  4. for their natural and candid stage presence and wit, physical proportions, and, social skills...

    candidates 8, 9 & 17...


  5. my bet is candidate number 1,3,17, 23 and 9. they are deserving tobe crowned as Binibining Pilipinas.

  6. i'll go with no. 5.. i really like the way she smiles, look, her eyes are shining, nice body, fair boobs, and she also have a brain... so to all out there, vote for ms. kristelle lazaro. i also love the way she caress... take care.. and godbless1

  7. number 17.... hehehe mnanalo yan... hehehe

  8. # 17 WILL SURELY WIN!!!

  9. trinity bets:

    Karla Kristina Garcia -hot face18

    Elizabeth Jacqueline Nacuspag- model na model

    15 Janina San Miguel - hmmm...surprise pick


    5 Ma. Kristelle Lazaro -f*King hot. everyones dream girl.. ohhh..LA-LA!

  10. my bet 2 win d title is canddate number 3. toni ull gonna win

  11. toni of deal or no deal will gonna win the title...shes very photogenic in picture....

  12. warrens bet

    #17 lady lou

  13. chiska bet

    lady lou
    walang makaktalo sa pinay beauty go lady lou go.............good luck sa pageant mo

  14. #20 ROXANNE, is matalino and maganda!!:) SANA YOU WIN!!!:)

  15. I'LL GO FOR #20!!!:)

  16. i'll go for # 16 ms. margarita gutierrez...

  17. GOOD LUCK...# 16 Margarita Gutierrez....(beauty,body & Brain)

  18. WHEW!!!i'll go for mam Lady Lou!Aja mam!We strongly believe in ur capabilities!hehehe!ayaw kahadlok kay naa ra me tanan dinhi!bala na ng iban dira!basta himoa jud ang best nimo to win!bring home the crown!!!we'll be praying for you!hehehe.go..go..real pinay beauty!

  19. #17 lady lou
    she has the qualities to win
    true pinay beauty

  20. I guess #17 would win,
    she's intelligent,
    sexy,and pretty. Go Ms.
    Lady can do it..

  21. My personal bets are:

    5 Kristelle Lazaro- Needs to improve her catwalk skills and lose a little weight. Enhancement on the tip of her nose.

    7 Jennifer Barrientos- Pretty face but needs to be a little more sophisticated on the ramp. Do not curl your hair. It makes you look old.

    8 Danielle Castano- Charming. A runner-up for me.

    9 Kathleen Guerrero- My girl this year. Do not curl your hair. You are sexier with your straight long hair. After winning consider a nose job. You need it to be more competitive in the international pageant.

    17 Lady Lou Garidan- With all the meztizas in the pageant you cant help but notice her. Pls. consider a nose job after binibini and you are all set.

    If you know these people you might want to tell them about what I've said and have them consider my suggestions especially my best bets Kathleen, Kristelle and Lady Lou.

    Cosmetic enhancement is a fad now a days to be competitive.

    Some will definitely over react with my statements and would even say that they are beautiful without it because they are smart. Stop living with this thought because we need to make the 1st cut before we hear our candidate speak. Do you get my point?

    Best of luck ladies!

  22. as i have seen among the candidates
    i bet for no. 23..she has d body...brain..she has a beauty queen looks...and no. 17 dont hve d ability to become a beauty queen...un lang!!!agatha fontanilla!!!!bravo!!

  23. i go for # 23 ms. agatha fontanilla!!!!we are proud to present her...from University of Eastern Philipiines...A cum laude from d college of Medecine..A winner of Miss UEP Last Year...she has the potential to be come a Beauty queen..A GOddess...

  24. im voting for Kristelle Lazaro because she is a nurse and she graduated from my school St. Luke's College of Nursing, batch Centenniales! woohoo! they are the ones that topped the nursing boards last june 2007!(beat that) Im sure that nurses out there will vote for her!

  25. For #17..Hi Ms Lady Lou..congrats...having chosen as one of the 24 candidates is already a remarkable job..a fulfillment of your dreams..keep the passion...and the faith...Trust in the LORD, Do good, have faith and delight urself to HIM...for He knows what's best for u. God bless yah..AJA AJA! go go go...Remember, a brilliant mind and a beatiful appearance will be useless w/out a fighting HEART..for in life's challenges, U make an IMPRESSION with what u SAY but U make a a NAME with what u DO. a true USMIAN spirit..ra ra rah..

  26. Go.go.go.go agatha mag husay gud an mga catarmananon ngan nga baltok d in kpa man c2n malugar.......

  27. the pageant is over and i never expect that the judges' magistration is far flung different from my point of view... indeed, the bb. pilipinas world has a beautiful body and stunning beauty, she still don't deserve to be crowned.. she's a gargantuan embarrassment to the pageant. the center of destruction.. is there really an audition for bb. pilipinas? y they let to conjoined a not intellectual and immature candidate.. you are nothing candidate no. 15.. kakahiya ka talaga.. d question for you is too much easy that even an elementary pupil can answer yet you had not able to answer rightly and justifiably..are judges realy deserve to seat in their position? the so-called MARIMAR, DENNIS TRILLO, CHRIS CHIU and mayor Sonny and the judge who asked the 2nd finalist should not be given seats.. this is the worst bb. pilipinas pageant i've ever seen.. this years pageant should be nullify and void..
    the deserving candidates to be crowned are..

    2nd runners up: #2
    1st runners up: #8
    bb. pilipinas international: #7
    bb. pilipinas universe:#13
    bb. pilipinas world:#18

    #23,#17 should be included in the the top ten..

  28. What do u expect from a trash judges!!!?