Myx Top 10 OPM Hits (as of June 02, 2007)

as of June 02, 2007

New entries this week are Next in Line by Erik Santos, Kisapmata by Yasmien Kurdi and Ngiti by Ronnie Liang.

I feel bad that my fave song Upside Down by 6cyclemind has slipped to #2. It only stayed in the #1 spot for one week, a very short time.

Here's the lyrics of the new #1 song: Chicosci Vampire Social Club

Title: Chicosci Vampire Social Club
Artist: Chicosci

I’ve a plan if you are willing
We’ll take on all the ends of the world
A toast, we’re celebrating
No one’s around
We’re on our own

This sacred wine
It’s a toast to all our crimes
Brothers I’m yours

No one could ever shake this
The soul we share
The things we’ve done
We we only dreaming
We breathe together
Hunt as one

These blessed times
Just always keep them in mind
Brothers I’m yours

I’ll raise my glass to you
Silence them forever
These falling knives
It’s all for the taking

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