Pinoy Big Brother Season 2: 10th Eviction Night

10th Eviction Night
June 23, 2007

Based on Mykiru's Poll, Wendy should be evicted tonight.

Is it really Wendy who's leaving tonight? or a not so surprising surprise is going to happen tonight?

Live Blogging:

The show has started. PBB hosts Toni Gonzaga, Mariel Rodriguez and Bianca Gonzales usher the program by introducing the newly weds Jason and Elvie from Cagayan de Oro City.

A little chit-chat with the couple...Jason and Elvie have nothing to say, but being thankful to the privilege of getting married inside the Big Brother house.


They're back. They're airing what happened two days ago with the Bizarre Love Triangle. Mickey was given a special task not to speak English anymore, but purely Tagalog. Gee-Ann helped Mickey with the task, while Mickey's rival Bodie was also given a personal task, a hard task of not talking to Gee-Ann.

Toni is now talking to the housemates. Gee-Ann is asked with what she learned during the past week. She replied, "Being sincere."

To wendy, asked what she regrets about her conflicts with the other female housemates, she said she regrets about what happened coz she might have hurt the families of Gee-Ann and Bea. In fairness to her, she looks beautiful tonight.

Commercial gap.......

Weekend recap... the housemates were asked to choose from a bunch of Hammerhead clothes for a special task, write a dedication on it and give it to one housemate.

Interview with the boys. Nel said he deserves to stay because according to him, he has proven a lot and the housemates need him to stay happy (gay) inside the house. Bruce replied "yes" to Toni's question, if he thinks the reason why he's inside the house is to meet Wendy.

We're now close to the announcement....last one minute. The voting is now temporarily closed.

The Big Night's invitational trailer... ex-PBB housemates (excluding Mikah Dizon?) and Slovenian Tina Selomic will be part of the Big Night on June 30 at the Big Dome.


Announcement time. Wendy and Bruce are crying, the only ones crying. They're now hugging each other.

Bodie is the first to be saved.

Gee-Ann is also saved.

Beatriz is next to be saved. She's crying now, so much crying.

Bruce is saved. He's crying to the maxxxx once again as he hugs Wendy. I've heard again the line "Wait for me" while he's crying. Honestly, I find those "dramatic" housemates weird, coz there's only a week to go before the Big Night, so that means they won't be seeing each other for only a very short time. So, why act that way?

The remaining three, Wendy, Nel and Mickey, and even the "safe" housemates, thought the three are all leaving the house. They're asked to go to the confession room.

Fourth commercial gap..

Kuya has already informed Wendy, Nel and Mickey that only one of them has to leave tonight. Wendy is now crying, again.

Mickey is declared safe. Wheewwwww, my Big Four is still alive. Hurraaayyy I'm so happy.

Nel and Wendy are left inside the confession room. Wendy cries louder.

Commercial again..

The eviction night continues. And the 10th evictee is NEL. Wow, I've told you, a not so surprising surprise is going to happen tonight. For sure, Bruce will be laughing out loud (will be flashing his whole set of teeth) to know Wendy will still stay inside the house.

Wendy-haters fail this time..the forwarded "hate" text messages didn't work for now..but probably they will double their efforts 'til the next eviction on Tuesday.

Nel's percentage of votes were revealed, and he got only 3.75%.

The voting resumes for the 6 remaining housemates. Wendy and Mickey now join the other four housemates. Bruce and Wendy hug each other....

Closing credits..

Goodnight everyone! Til the next live blogging.

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2 Comment(s):

  1. please update some more

  2. nel was supposed to be my bet to be in the big 4 and in the big winner,...

    why is it he was the 1st to be evicted? i thought everyone loves him,..(yeah, it does..),...he's such a funny guy, he brings life in the big house...

    wendy and bruce just irritates me a lot...esp. wendy, she's so arrogant, she made use of the poverty image to justify her bad deeds,...too bad she's the prettiest among the girl housemates..i don't like bruce too because he's "sipsip" on wendy,...
    too bad a lot knew he was a nice person but his world is wendy, and when he wears he yellow shirt, he looks like james yap!..haha!

    go gee-anne!,, go girl!