PBB 2: Jason-Elvie Wedding Live Blogging

Jason and Elvie Wedding in the house
with the special participation of the 7 housemates,
PBB staffs and heads

A dream wedding that Jason and Elvie had never imagined....

a first on Philippine television

Wedding Preparations: Wendy, have herself fixed for the wedding

Wedding Preparations: Bea and Gee-Ann are all ready but look so tense.

Perfect pair Mickey and Gee-Ann rehearse for their part. Seems like everything is ready now. PBB Business Unit Head Laurenti Dyogi is on the go, as the principal sponsor. Visitors, friends, and families are now present.

Baldhead Jason, the groom, looks so relaxed. He's taking it easy. Goodluck dude!

More than just the secondary sponsors. Bruce and Wendy look like they're getting married.

The wedding proper: Veil Sponsors Bodie and Bea walk down the aisle. Bea smiles her way to her seat.

Here comes the bride Elvie, in a flashy white gown.

Exchange of Marriage Vows: Nel, the ring bearer, presents the rings for the couple.

Mickey and Gee-Ann are the cord sponsors. Wendy is singing the wedding song.

After the signing of marriage contracts by the couple and principal sponsors, and some rituals, Jason and Elvie are pronounced as husband and wife.

Kiss the bride.

The newly weds. Congratulations Jason and Elvie!

The wedding is over....

till next live blogging, only here at MYKIRU.

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