PBB Season 2: 11th Eviction Night Live Results (with video)

Based on this poll, there's no other way for Wendy to evade eviction.

Before anything else, read first ABS-CBN's OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON PBB VOTING RESULTS as posted on PBB Official site today: "Pinoy Big Brother is a reality television show that gives the public the chance to vote and save their favorite housemates to stay in the House. The people have the voting power to determine the next big PBB winner by participating in the public voting.

The production staff of PBB and the management of ABS-CBN do not, in any way, interfere in the tabulation of the votes."

Here comes the LIVE RESULTS....
Pinoy Big Brother Season 2: 11th Eviction Night
June 26, 2007

10:10 PM Kuya has gathered the housemates at the Living Room and here's their seating arrangement: Bea, Mickey, Gee-Ann, Bodie, Wendy at Bruce.

10:40 PM The show has started. Toni is now talking to the housemates and they're requested to go to their baggages at the storage room.

10:51 PM The voting is now temporarily closed.

10:56 PM Bea is saved.

10:57 PM Next to be saved is Bodie. Then of course, Gee-Ann. The remaining three are requested to

10:59 PM Commercial gap

11:06 PM They're back. And the result people are wishing for is more likely happen tonight as Mickey is declared safe. Bea expects Bruce to be saved.

11:09 PM Oh my God! Wendy is safe and Bruce is evicted. Wendy cried in the confession room, then outside and told Bruce not to flirt with girls outside.

11:12 PM Bruce has left the house. Wendy is now calm, but feels guilty. She feels she has stolen Bruce's chance in the Big Four. She's more composed now and not so affected at all.

11:14 PM Bruce is now in the eviction hall, watching PBB's tribute farewell video to him.

11:16 PM Bruce's percentage of vote is revealed and he only got a very low 6.35%.

11:17 PM Voting resumes once again.

11:21 PM Wendy is crying again as "When She Cries" is being played.

11:22 PM And now, she stops crying, then smile and laugh. I think in a way she's happy because she was saved and managed to reach that far. She however fears Bruce's mom might be mad at Bruce, because of her.

On Thursday, one more has to go and the Big Four will be finally known. Come back here for much detailed live results of the 12th Eviction Night.

Good night everyone!

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  1. LUTO!!! from an ABS CBN Employee... kwento nya kung
    niluto yung results:

    "I have worked for abs-cbn for almost 4 years now, since i finished my
    on mass com - broadcast communication in 2003. as part of production
    news and current affairs, my work has been mostly rewarding, with good

    benefits despite the low base pay (i’m including this part so you
    understand why i accepted the offer to be transferred to
    of some reality shows particularly the current one, PBB.) because of
    sensitivity of my status (i am still working there) i cannot divulge
    name, gender and current position in ABS CBN. still, i would like to

    inform those who are interested (who, most probably, are now wondering
    Wendy Valdez is still inside the house and not evicted yet, as most
    have assumed.)

    When i was asked if i wanted to be part of the conceptualization of
    current and upcoming reality shows that ABS CBN would be showing (with

    higher compensation, obviously), i accepted the offer. how bad can it
    i said, since most of these shows run on public voting and my job
    mostly include thinking of the “challenges” that Kuya instructs
    housemates to do.

    Apparently, conceptualization incorporates more than that. as i have
    after the pre-screening of the auditioners, as early as the
    process, we have to note who we think will attract the public
    most and
    who we think will make the ratings go off the roof. after the
    screening, we had to choose the top 100 of the batch, and even though
    did not theoretically passed the audition (some weren't able to
    the documents needed), since they have mass appeal, they made it to
    first cut, and some were even included in the finalists that entered
    BB house.

    As you all know, the eviction process is supposed to be based on the
    that the nominated housemates - the housemate with the lowest
    vote will
    be evicted. i dont know about the previous editions of the PBB (since
    only worked under this series this season), but what surprised us the
    was when we were informed that the voting only affects the decision

    minimally - that the voting actually shows who the public wants to see

    again the following day - but that was it. the truth is, there are

    so-called “talent auditors.” these people are the ones who really
    put the
    big decision as to who will be evicted, and who will stay. of course,
    never became obvious since i cannot deny the fact that we receive
    of votes during eviction night. that is, until wendy was evicted, and
    later returned to join the housemates who are legitimately still in
    contest. and the reason is this: the wendy-bruce loveteam is working.
    you ever noticed why most of the episodes are focused on the
    loveteam? it is because ratings are really high, meaning that people
    to see how their relationship develops.

    I have never received this much question about my work before. my
    want to know how someone who was already evicted be suddenly returned
    the house. actually, that is one of the “twists” that are really
    to be included in the show. but there are actually 3 evicted
    that were vying to be returned to the house, and wendy was one of
    them. we
    were asked who we think should be the one to return to the house, and
    won. but after discussing that the wendy-bruce love team was too

    interesting to abruptly end, it was wendy who got the spot. aside from

    that, we were later informed by one of the production managers who was

    disappointed with the decision, wendy was “direk dyogi’s pet.”

    I told this story to some of my friends, and they were surprised to
    the truth, particularly because some of them were voting for their

    favorite contestant. i told them only one thing - that they are just

    wasting their money in voting. as i have personally seen, the path of
    contest is already drawn, and the voting only affects the decision

    minimally, as i have said. this only tells us who the public wants to
    again inside the house. the eviction of nel tonight is the classic

    example. nel got the 2nd lowest number of votes, wendy got the lowest.
    the administrators think that perhaps the wendy-bruce loveteam is
    up, so we had to give it one last shot. if the ratings go down, or if
    tuesday (the next eviction night), wendy still gets the lowest vote,
    out of the contest.

    I did not want to reveal all of these, partly because of my loyalty to
    company that has given me so much over the years, but i personally
    that it is unfair to make one suffer for another’s gain. since i
    have done
    background checks on the housemates, i know for a fact that nel
    isn’t very
    well-off, and should have been given his chance fairly. i feel bad to
    that i am included in a ploy to confuse and even fool people into

    believing that they control the outcome of the show. that is why i
    ahead and did this post. i wanted people to know how PBB works.

    If you really want to let the network know how disappointed you are
    the outcome, make the ratings go down at least until tuesday. and do
    waste your money in voting, or if you really want to and have the
    means to
    do so, vote for who you really think should be included in the big 4 -

    this way, hopefully, wendy will be out on tuesday for good."

    --from an ABS CBN employee

    PBB Conceptualizer

    credits to southern_gurl of pex...

    This communication is the property of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation.
    ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation is not, however, responsible for the
    opinions or statement made herein. The information contained in this
    communication is intended solely for the use of the individual or
    entity to
    whom it is addressed and others authorized to receive it. It may
    confidential or legally privileged information. If you are not the
    recipient you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying,
    distribution or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this
    information is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. If you have
    received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by
    responding to this email and then delete it from your system. ABS-CBN
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    communication, the proper and complete transmission of the information
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