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Mykiru is teaching you these new words in our modern day language:

jowewot - if you're tired of using the words, jologs and engot, try this one. It can describe a person who is jologs na, engot pa.

ex. Hay naku! Jowewot ka talaga!

wendita - this word was supposed to be used in reference to PBB Housemate Wendy Valdez. But the Filipinos have adopted this to refer to someone who is maldita and to an irritating person.

ex. Wendita ka, tumabi-tabi ka nga dyan!

wendang - this word is getting popular these days, especially to refer also to Wendy Valdez. But prior to Wendy, this word has been used as alternate for lito or gulo.

ex. Nagkawendang-wendang ang buhay ko nang dahil sa 'yo.

bruhilda - can we equate this to Dolly Ann Carvajal? and that is according to Annabelle Rama. This word is another variation for bruha.

ex. Hoy Bruhilda ka day! Tigil-tigilan mo kami. Siraan mong sarili mong baho.

shonga - it's supposed to be a gay word for "cute", but it has become more popular to describe someone who is "tatanga-tanga."

ex. Ang shonga ko talaga! Ininom ko yung pambleach sa ref. Kala ko kasi gatas.

guranger - kinda obvious, it's for the oldies out there. To use the word "gurang" might be offensive, so better try "gurangers."

ex. Hindi po ako pumapatol sa mga guranger eh.

arouch - correctly pronounced as "araaaaawch", a combination of "aray!" and "ouch!" Thus, it should be full blast when you express it. It's double the pain.

ex. Arouch! Ang sakit. Dahan-dahan lang pls? Maawa ka.

kadirdir - well, get rid of the expression "It's so kadiri talaga!" for you might sound so sosy and me-artey. Better try this one ok??

ex. Yakks! Kadirdir naman yan!

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Greetings to Jowewot and Wendy.

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  1. How touching naman your post. hehehe sisikat na ako nyan ha! pabayaan mo nga yang si jowewot! epal.

    Wendy of Mykiru