Wendy's Mom makes an appeal

On Primetime TV, Wendy Valdez's mom says sorry to those who were offended by her daughter's action inside the house.

In the video, Gee-Ann's mom is seated beside Wendy's mom. Wendy's mom is visibly not at ease sitting there. Take a look at Gee-Ann's mom when she hands the microphone to Wendy's mom as well as after the interview.

Here's the video when Kuya reminds Wendy of "pagpapakatao" other than "pagpapakatotoo" Probably, Gee-Ann's family was offended when Wendy commented about Gee-Ann's rich status and took it against her.

As of June 29, 2007 9PM, here's the tally of votes for the Big 4:

Housemate #1 28.1%
Housemate #2 25.5%
Housemate #3 24.2%
Housemate #4 22.2%

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