Live Blogging: PBB Season 2 12th and Final Eviction Night

12th Eviction Night
June 28, 2007

10:10 PM Tinipon na ni Kuya ang mga housemates sa Living Room. Ang seating arrangement: Bea, Mickey, Gee-Ann, Bodie at Wendy

10:15 PM Hindi mapakali si Bodie. Gee-Ann asked him, "Baket?" Bodie said nothing. He just smiled.

I dont want to be malicious, but what Bodie did was, he repositioned Gee-Ann's hand and put it in his... I don't know. I'm not that naughty to think that way.

At sa screen cap na to, isinandal ni Gee-Ann ang ulo sa balikat ni Bodie. Kawawang Mickey. Si Bodie naman, napapikit at dinama nya ang pagkakasandal sa kanya ni Gee-Ann.

10:25 PM Nagsimula na ang primetime airing ng 12th Eviction Night ng Pinoy Big Brother Season 2.

10:27 PM Kausap na ni Toni ang mga natitirang housemates. Binigyan ng 30 seconds ang bawat isa na magsalita, at patunayan na karapat dapat silang mapabilang sa Big 4. Nauna si Bodie, sunod si Wendy, Mickey, then Gee-Ann and Bea. Hindi nakalimutan ni Wendy na banggitin ang pangalan ni Bruce. Si Mickey pa rin ang pinaka-convincing sa moment na yun.

10:31 PM The voting is now temporarily closed. Sumunod ang PBB 2: the Big Night trailer

10:33 PM Commercial Gap

10:40 PM Habang may commercial, pinalipat ni Kuya sa Bea sa tabi ni Wendy. Bakit kaya?

At sila'y nagbabalik...

May SGV auditors na, parang beauty pageants na ha. Ibinigay na ang envelope na naglalaman ng Big 4 kay Toni. Inemphasize ni Toni na "in no particular order" ang mga pangalang kanyang babanggitin.

10:43 PM Ang unang pasok sa Big Four ay si....Gee-Ann.

10:44 PM Commercial muna. Habang nagku-commercial, sobrang nati-tense si Wendy. Hinilot ni Mickey ang kanyang kamay. Pinakakalmado naman sa kanila ay si Mickey.

10:49 PM They're back. Toni is about to announce the 2nd housemate to join Gee-Ann. And she called Beatriz. Two girls na, out na kaya si Wendy?

10:51 PM At sumunod ay si Wendy... what a shocking revelation! Three girls at one boy ang Big Four ngayon. First time ito sa history ng Pinoy Big Brother.

10:52 PM Ang huling pasok sa Big 4 ay si...... MICKEYYYY...whew.... kinabahan ako dun..... akala ko mawawala sya. I'm sad for Bodie. At least, mapapatunayan nyang hindi totoo ang balita na dahil sa showbiz connection nya, secured na sya sa Big 4. Bodie took it positively. Nothing is changed in his reaction. He has maintained his wacky attitude. Kung iisipin, sya sana ang pasok sa Big 4 kung hindi bumalik si Wendy sa bahay ni Kuya. Matatandaan na, nagkumento noon si Bodie na hindi sya favor na may muling bumalik sa bahay ni Kuya dahil ayon sa kanya, alam na nung nakalabas na housemate ang nangyari sa labas.

10:55 PM Commercial uli. Habang nagku-commercial, pinalabas na ni Kuya si Bodie sa kanyang buhay. Natahimik ang mga naiwang apat na housemates. Matagal bago umimik si Gee-Ann, natulala at umupo, na parang maiiyak.

11:02 PM Sila'y nagbabalik. At si Bodie ay nasa eviction hall na. Sinalubong sya ng kanyang amang si Tirso Cruz III, ang kanyang ina at kapatid na babae.

Habang nagsasalita si Bodie, sumigaw ang mga fans ng "WENDY LABAS!!" nang maraming beses. Napakalakas at sinadya rin atang iparinig ng staff sa mga manonood. Dagli namang pinatigil ni Bodie ang mga tao sa pagsigaw ng "Wag ganyan!"

11:05 PM Ipinakita ang tribute video kay Bodie.

11:06 PM Nagkakagulo ang mga tao sa eviction hall. Tinawag ang SGV Representative para sa tally of votes at narito ang breakdown:

Housemate #1 24.55%
Housemate #2 21.98%
Housemate #3 21.70%
Housemate #4 19.31%

At si Bodie ay nakakuha lamang ng 12.46%. Malakas nga tlga pala si Wendy at malayo ang mga nakuha nyang boto sa mga natanggal na sina Bruce, Nel at Bodie.

11:10 PM Closing credits. Ipinakita ang Big Four na sumasayaw ng Araw Natin 'To.

Muli po, huwag kayong mawawala sa Sabado, June 30th, para sa Big Night ng Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. At syempre pa, para sa live blogging dito lamang sa MYKIRU.

Goodnight Everyone! Hindi ata ako makakatulog ngayon dahil sa eviction na ito.

Til next time peeps.

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2 Comment(s):

  1. Sa totoo lang, expected ko ang turnout ng Final Eviction. Why?

    Wendy wendy wendy... she's all over the news. tabloids, newspapers, tv. She's battered and beaten up by words. People just can't get enough of hating her and people has all the reason to hate her.

    but the irony of this is that, the more you kick somebody down, the stronger the sympathy gets.

    The more people talk about her, say bad things about her, the more her die-hard fans vote for her. Until such time that she becomes the Big Winner.

    How to prevent it? people must vote relentlessly on a SINGLE person. Never mind who u believe is realy deserving bcoz if u believe that wendy does not deserve it more than anyone does, vote for the person u think has the most supporters.

    so who among the three would u vote for, mickey, gee-ann or bea?

    mickey deserves it. No doubt about that. but his lack in a home province/town is a factor why he definitely belongs in the bottom two.

    gee-ann, she's deserving too and proved for many times that she has many supporters. But then her high status and her "not needing the money" is also a big factor why she can't beat her rival in the voting polls.

    Bea, another deserving housemate. She needs the money and has proven that she can handle things her own way without hurting other people. She has proven that she loved her family. In fact with her characteristics, she is the complete opposite of wendy. She loves her family, she knows what she wants in life, she puts her mind over her heart, she's helpful in house chores, and she has BREEDING. You can be real at the same time show respect to other people right?

    Wendy, this time just think about wendy. Read the characteristics of Bea still thinking about what wendy showed inside the house.

    Still can't choose who to vote? I bet not.

  2. wow you've said it all.

    im rooting for MICKEY.

    im appealing to you guys to vote for MICKEY.

    to the tfc subscribers out there.. pls support MICKEY. he's the only global housemate in the big 4. and together, we can make MICKEy as the first global contender to win in Pinoy Big Brother.

    in other countries, global housemates usually win like that of that indian gal in UK and aussie Andrei in Slovenia. pls pls pls

    MICKEY deserves to win this time.