Pinoy Big Brother Season 2: 9th Nomination Night


Bruce Quebral's record for being the only housemate who is not nominated yet has ended last night, when he was picked as one of nominees for the 9th Eviction Night. He will be pitied against Robert Woods III and with this match, it's kinda obvious who is going to be saved. Even if you don't vote, it's again predictable that the controversial housemate is gonna win this round.

The remaining housemates for now are Mickey, Gee-Ann, Bea, Nel, Bodie and Wendy.

Balik-bahay housemate Wendy Valdez is stealing away other housemates' chances of making it to the Big 4. Is she more deserving now? Did she change for the better? How true that she's secured with a spot in the Big 4?

Bodie Cruz, the celebrity son, is also fighting to stay until the end. For the record, he has only been nominated once out of 9 nomination nights. Great achievement, but how could he negate the allegation of some that he's only staying up there because of his showbiz connection? Has he already proven his worth? or is he still proving he's more deserving to stay?

Nel Rapiz is the Uma Khouny of the batch. Nel's personality is so blurred and inconsistent. His actions contradict the way he speaks, and vice versa. His sexuality is not being tackled inside the house, when it's kinda obvious that among the male housemates, he's the least masculine. I know it's not supposed to be an issue, but I don't find it fitting to see him trying hard to act out like a guy, when the whole of him doesn't support so. He thus becomes unnatural and avid followers come to conclude that it's kind of a "scripted" task, where he was commissioned to do so. Like Uma Khouny, is Nel going to be one of the Big Four?

Mickey Perz is the most responsible and deserving male housemate. But the housemates don't like him because of his bossy attitude. His fan base is not that huge, and a lot of people don't see him winning the grand prize. Mickey is also the most talented and the smartest housemate, but are these enough for him to be in the finals? Setting other things constant, Mickey is deserving to be one of the Big Four.

Gee-Ann Abrahan is the housemate with the largest fan base, having topped the four weeks she was nominated. No other housemate, so far, could beat her in the nominees' race. If the trend will continue, she will win the grand prize. But do you think, people behind PBB would want her to win? Think about the previous winners, like Nene Tamayo, Keanna Reeves, Kim Chiu and Yeng Constantino, they all have a common denominator, and that is... "a life drama that represents the Filipino masses." Not unless, PBB this time is open for changes, Gee-Ann may win, or they might just include her in the Big Four.

Bea Saw has gained enormous support from the televiewers just recently. As Mickey's counterpart, she's the most responsible female housemate. Since she's almost like PBB Teen Edition's winner Kim Chiu, Bea's fate in the house is 50-50. Some housemates don't like her too, despite of being nice to them. Is she a threat to them? Is she a sure Big 4 housemate?

Bruce Quebral was an early favorite to snatch this season's grand prize. Bruce was believed to end up winning, especially when he was chosen to take part in the Big Brother Swap with Big Brother Slovenia. As they say, he best represents the ideals of the Filipinos. His Pinoy looks speaks for himself and the condition of his family has helped him gain the sympathy of PBB followers. But his romance with Wendy, does not help him out. It affects his chance, because people think that he's more concerned now of making up or making out with Wendy, than winning the coveted prize and help his family, who needs him the most. He's also responsible and still deserving, but I hope he'd be focused on continously winning the hearts of the Filipinos and not winning Wendy's heart.

This must be the Big Four: Mickey, Bea, Bruce and Gee-Ann.

But, since management "favorites" do happen sometimes, the Big Four could possibly be Bruce, Wendy, Nel and one housemate could just end up as filler, and that is Gee-Ann.

Just note that these are just my opinions as an ordinary person and as a follower of Pinoy Big Brother. How about you? What do you think would be the outcome of this season's competition?

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3 Comment(s):

  1. The nomination last night really showed the "true colors" of some of the housemates. And this has led me to finalize my final 4 : Bruce, Wendy, Robert, Bodie.
    Why?Beacause despite of what they have done, despite their imperfections and lapses,they were true.

    This is just my opinion ofcourse.
    But here are the reasons that made me doubt think reconsider my opinion of the other housemates. Take not, this is not to judge the other housemates, but this is just my observation.

    1. Ge-Ann.She was my early favorite.I watched all the time beacuse of her, and I was eager to see how she would actually conquer all the challenges in the house and later emerge as a better person. Her being a jologs na sosyal also amused me.Unfortunately, the more I watch her, up to the point where she has to give out Pamela. I came to the realization that I think that Ge-ANN has been putting up a SHOW, right from the beginning. Why?
    a. She is supposedly vulnerable and insecure. However, her stories about her life outside seems to contradict this. I just find it unrealistic for a person without much self-confidence to actively participate in the cheerleading squad and theater group ( basta she acts!).
    For a person who has a trouble trusting people, I just find it weird how she is slowly trying to win the trust of all her male housemates, and discretely pushes away female housemates who show care for her. I didn't like Dionne, but how Ge-Ann took her for a fool, and made her look stupid by keeping a secret from her suppposed best friend in the house while she pours out her emotion to Bodie and Mickey?
    B. People with real insecurity are too insecure to recognize or admit that they are being stepped on. But as I tried to recall how her being an underdog came about, the idea was actually injected by her. When she told big brother that Zeke and Wendy are making her feel as if she doesn't deserve to be inside the house. I think she succeeded in setting that image up. I for one tought for the longest time that she really is an underdog. Kawawa naman. Inaapi ng lahat.
    c. If she really is afraid of criticism and what people think of her, i wonder where she got the strenght ot actually audition for PBB in the first place.
    d. The way she speaks, endearing at first, sounds like acting as she goes along. Im just surprised how she argues with Mickey and raises her voice. I was just surprised that she is even capable of that.
    e. How she treated Kian, was something that a real good hearted person cannot do.
    f. She tells people who show genuine affection for her:Yen, Bruce and Mickey, that she appreciates everything. Ofcourse she cries for them too. But then nominates them! What does this mean?
    g. If she really values realtionships, then why would she tell Wendy that she idolizes her and then she is her ate in the house, but then, nominate Wendy for the reason that it's unfair for her to be inside the house because she was already sent out. This kind of reasoning can only be the thoughts of someone who is truly playing a game!
    H. FOr a person who is not used to attention, it is surprising how she actually told Bodie first that he is his crush and managed to tell Mickey too that he too is her crush. No wonder the two guys are like eating from the palm of her hand.
    I. This what I hate the most! Ge-ANN, the smart girl that she is, is playing DUMB and clueless! Watch 24/7, and you'll know how she repeatedly asks Mickey and Bodie about their crushes and that she acts as if she doesn't have a clue, even if the circumstances that Mickey and Bodies mentions are obviously pointing to her. Is this a person who is not used to getting attention. Her lines used for Zeke and Kian " Bakit ba nila ako sinisingle out? " Sounds very fishy and fishing to me now!

    2. BEATRIZ
    I didn't like her from the start. She might look strong to a lot of people. Maybe she is. She is orgnanized and meticulous and she cares a great deal for her family. And Im not discounting that fact. But her inability to open up open up and empathize with her other housemates led me to think that she is just in the house, counting the days, while she is cooking and cleaning the house. Kuya might as well have hired someone to keep the house in order. No matter what Bea does for her housemates, and no matter how she tries to listen to them, or how she attempts to conclude what their problems may be, and no matter how much she says that "Huwag ka nang umiyak", isn't really worth a thing. I think Bea is good with lip service. Although Im not saying she is a bad person. I think she is willing to die for her family and friends. I just dont feel that the concern she shows for the other housemates is genuine and heartfelt. Also, Bea is too close minded. But good thing, during the Battle of the EXES, we saw a side of BEA that no one probably expected. I have nothing against it. It just made me think, the BEA we are watching now, is only the BEA that people will not hate, that the parents would like their ids to follow. But this not all she is. Omission is also deception. She tries to be profound most of the time, but still its empty. If I had a kid, I dont want the kid to be like BEA. Or maybe because BEA was so used to thinking of her family too much, she never got to really deal with her real emotions beacuse she keeps on putting it aside. She deserves credit for this too. But i think when it boils down to the rocky road in the realy world, BEA might not survive. She is a survivor now beacuse she only stays in a turf that she can control.
    The thing I hate about her the most, PATRONIZING! She might not be a backbiter, but she often says things to almost all her housemates to butter them up. But her actions insidfe the confession room suggests otherwise! It might have been better if she would not give all those flowery compliments if she doesn't even mean them.
    Sincerity can be felt. Im actually sad for BEA. The season is almost ending, and she has not even managed to make a real connection with anyone. Why? Maybe because everything she gave to the other housemates are only superficial. The actions that are to be expected from a person whom the society expects too much.]

    3. Mickey - I have nothing agaist Mickey. Although some might think that he is bossy, I still like his personality. He sticks to what he believes in even if this causes tnesion among housemates. He is actually in my number 5 position. However, he wasnt able to enter my final 4 , beacuse I think he used his mind more than his heart when he was inside PBB. Ofcourse a lot of parents want their child to be like him, however, he is too objective. Her actions are always bounded by what is right and what is proper. He is a role model indeed. I just feel that is not an ideal role model for Filipinos. Why? He doesn;t deal with the normal circumstances that Filipinos who live in the Philippines does.

    4. NEL - All i can say is SAYANG! He was funny. But he lost his charms! Ok lang coz he is a good friend, and that too is lost the moment he nominated Bruce. In a real friendship, its not the quantity of time you spent together but the quality. A friendship cannot be tested during good times. It when it gets rocky, thats when true friends stick. jealous of Wendy? How much gay can that reaction be? If he truly is a friend to Bruce? For a true friend, it would be more than enough to see a friend happy. A true friend is someone who doesnt need assurance. A true friend is someone you can always depend on even if you dont ask them too. No matter what nel will say to just ify the vote, there is no way to undo the damage that he did to the friendship. And besides, he wasnt even aware that it will be a live nomination, meaning his plan is to go on and pretend that his friendship with BRUCE is going strong. If he truly considered bruce a friend, why cant he find it in his heart to tell it ti BRUCE personally. But no, he would rather that Bruce be nominated, and eventually evicted. All im saying is, nels idea of friendship is not one that I would ever desire. He wants to prove his his friendship? Then he should do a voluntary exit. Anyhow, what else can he do inside the house. I doubt if anyone would want to truly stick by his side, after what he did to his supposed Best friend. If people outside the house might think that nel is still deserving to stay in the house because of the condition of his family, 5 other housemates inside the house are in the same situation. He has exhausted all his cards. Besides, I feel like if he stays any longer, his sexuality will truly be in question. It was very obvious right from the start. And now that he has ran out of female housemates to use as panakip butas, his secret might be exposed!

    1. ROBERT - he is quiet, he is aloof. But the relationships he has established is true and sincere.We can't say he didnt use his heart. We can say that his family doesnt need it. We cant say that he didnt do his part in the tasks. And even if we treat PBB as a show, we can say that he didn't give us enough good things to watch.
    2. WENDY - wendita! I still think of her as that. Her manners inside the house would show that she doesnt really have breeding.She speaks out her mind too often and it is not even for her own good. She is hot tempered and argues too much. She cant even control her smoking. And she is so much into BRUCE. She was already evicted. Then why does she deserve to stay. Beacuse I think with wendy, what you see is what you get. It might not be desirable, but that is who she is. I hated her before, a lot of people hate her now. Can we possibly hate her more. And what individul would actually want that bad an image. This is the reason why i believe WENDY is the real thing. Everything she can do, will only cause people to accept who and what she is, because I think she didnt make an effort to cover up her weaknesses, This is the reason why she was evicted. But i think this is also the reason why she was voted to return. And besides, among all the female housemates, her ideas are of the most logical and rational. Although her manner of presenting it would suggest otherwise. How she has handled the things that happened to her inside the house, simply showed that she is truly a strong person. I think a lot of people hate her because a few can say that they can surivive what wendy has to survive.

    c. BRUCE - I think Bruces only downfall was his lie about his girlfriend and breaking up with her on national television. But I guess, he is jsut being true. Anyhow, he cant hide from the girl how he would act inside the house. Might as well reveal what he truly feels.

    Is is for show? Is it part of his game plan? I dont think so. Beacuse if it was, we should have seen him making his move right from the start. I remembered re really tried to be a regular, simple and focused housemate until his heart told him otherwise. I understand why he kept it a secret, beacuse I dont think it was his intention to be unfaithful to his girlfriend. Why I know that is not for show. Well beacuse if it is 4:30 in the morning, and you know that propabaly the entire Philipines is asleep, and that your gestures would not be shown on Prime Time beacuse it is insignificant to be shown, I witnessed how he tried to check on Wendy while he was half asleep, suffering a terrible toothache, and trying to bear the discomfort of having to sleep on a bench that is half his size. He caressed her hair and watched her sleep as if he could lose her anytime if he doesnt. And truly that wasnt shown on PT, beacuse it is insignificant. But that is when I knew for sure that those were the actions of a guy who is truly in love. And you can't fake that.

    d. BODIE - Despite what people think that bodie didnt do anything inside the house. He didnt pretend to be someone else. This is evident in how he didnt make any attempts to establish any relationship with any of the housemates due to his insercuritites. Now I believe this is the real insecurity that Ge-ANN was claiming. But I saw how Bodie slowly started to laugh with the people and at the same time listen to their problems, and then slowly even if it is hard for him, shared bit s of peices of himself. He hasnt done nothing really that is amazing inside the house, but I beleive he is real.

    My big 4 was not based on wether or not they have proved anything. The thing is, for me, the most deserving housemates are those that doesnt need to prove anything to the viewers , but only to themselves and to the people that matters to them. And the 4 of them passed my criteria.

  2. I've lost interest with PBB since they did that balik bahay scheme...I cant believe they would pull this kind of gimmickry...I mean a lot of people have been spending money just to retain their favorites in the house...It would seem like these evicted housemates have contaminated the house since they have already been exposed to the outside world...pointless i may say

  3. it's true! the face to face nomination really showed their true colors. bear in mind that this is still a competition. you're not inside the house to fall in love, to gain friends or whatever. you're there to win and be a better person. along the way, kung ma fall in love ka or magkaron ka ng new friends, good four you but that's not your purpose. ayoko ng reaction ni bruce kasi just because close friend sila di na sya dapat i nominate ni nel? that's unfair! e desisyon nya yun eh, bruce should respect it. kung magiging ganun ang sukatan ng friendship nila ang babaw, no real friendship was made. tsaka, nawawala na sya sa focus why bruce is there. instead of winning for her family puro wendy ang inaatupag. nakakainis ng panoorin. dapat talaga ma evict na sya para magka alaman na kung magiging sila pa din ni wendy paglabas nila! tingin nyo?