Janica Nam makes intriguing post about bf Franco's death: "The real story will come out soon"

Hashtag Franco Hernandez' girlfriend Janica Nam Floresca has posted something online earlier this evening that is making everyone curious and very much intrigued.

"Don't worry love, the real story about what happened to you will come out soon...like you've always wanted," Janica has said both on Twitter and in her IG Story.

Hmmm, looks like there's something we still don't know yet about Franco's death.

Netizens are now starting to speculate after Janica made such statement. They also noticed the timing, since she posted just an hour after Hashtag Tom Doromal returned to his social media accounts and posted last photo with Hashtag Franco.

Still grieving over his loss, Janica has been posting the whole day some pictures of Hashtag Franco (aka Mico Lumanlan). In one photo, she said it gets harder and harder everyday, and she doesn't know how much longer she can handle it.

She also shared throwback kiddie pics of Franco as well as her boyfriend's fave photo of them together.

MMK is reportedly planning to feature Franco and Janica's love story, and maybe from there, the people will know the real story, as what Janica is hinting at in her posts. - Mykiru.ph

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