Miss Earth 2017 Winner and Results: Philippines wins for the 4th time

Who will be crowned Miss Earth 2017 winner? Please scroll down for my live blog updates!

Let's all find out who she is as the pageant finale takes place to night, 8PM, at the Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City, Philippines. 85 candidates are vying for the Miss Earth 2017 title (previously 86, Miss Earth Haiti reportedly withdrew just a few days ago due to chicken pox). Hosting the coronation night is James Deakin, while the guest performers are Iskandar Widjaja and Shontelle.

6:00PM - 2 hours before the pageant night, I present to you my final Top 16 Favorites for Miss Earth 2017. They are:

1. THAILAND, Paweensuda Drouin 2. VENEZUELA, Ninoska Vasquez 3. PUERTO RICO, Karla Victoria Aponte 4. PHILIPPINES, Karen Ibasco (photos courtesy of Miss Earth/Carousel Productions)

5. NETHERLANDS, Faith Landman 6. USA, Andreia Gibau 7. COLOMBIA, Juliana Franco 8. VIETNAM, Le Thi Ha Thu 9. ECUADOR, Lessie Giler Sanchez 10. AUSTRALIA, Nina Robertson 11. RUSSIA, Lada Akimova 12. PANAMA, Erika Parker 13. ANGOLA, Ermelinda de Matos 14. MEXICO, Karen Bustos 15. PERU, Karen Rojas 16. SWITZERLAND, Sarah Laura Peyrel

We shall see how accurate my predictions are this year. I really do wish the new Miss Earth 2017 winner will come from a country who has never won previously in this pageant. Hopefully, it's Miss Thailand Paweensuda 'Fahsai' Drouin.

8:00PM - The pageant starts with the 85 delegates make their introduction in their superhero costumes.

8:22PM - Announcement of awardees for each of the Preliminary Rounds. First to be announced was the Top 16 for "Figure and Form".

Australia, Wales, Brazil, Puerto Rico, USA, Panama, Russia, Philippines, Poland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Vietnam, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Thailand, Venezuela

Just 15 were called. The host probably missed reading one.

8:23PM - 'Beauty and Face and Poise' Top 16 awardees have been named.

Tonga, Australia, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Switzerland, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Thailand, Ecuador, Ukraine, Honduras, Colombia, Israel, Russia, Serbia

8:24PM - The Top 16 for 'Intelligence and Environmental Awareness' have been revealed.

Philippines, Guatemala, Netherlands, Australia, Indonesia, Switzerland, Belize, India, Colombia, Thailand, Costa Rica, Tonga, Denmark, USA, England, Czech Republic

Only Australia, Netherlands, Thailand and Switzerland were able to make it to the Top 16 of all 3 preliminary events.

8:35PM - Introduction of Miss Earth 2017 judges.

8:38PM - The final TOP 16 SEMI-FINALISTS have been announced. They are: (in random order)

THAILAND, Paweensuda Drouin
USA, Andreia Gibau
RUSSIA, Lada Akimova
TONGA, Diamond Langi
COLOMBIA, Juliana Franco
ANGOLA, Ermelinda de Matos
GUATEMALA, Maria José Castañeda
VIETNAM, Le Thi Ha Thu
SWITZERLAND, Sarah Laura Peyrel
AUSTRALIA, Nina Robertson
VENEZUELA, Ninoska Vasquez
NETHERLANDS, Faith Landman
CAMEROON, Angele Kossinda
CZECH REPUBLIC, Iva Uchytilova

I correctly guessed 11 of the 16 semi-finalists. It's a huge surprise that Miss Puerto Rico, one of my Top 4, did not make it.

9:06PM - Shontelle performs her song 'Impossible'.

9:13PM - After the Top 16 competed in swimsuit, they were trimmed down into half. Here are the Top 8 finalists, in no particular order:

AUSTRALIA, Nina Robertson
THAILAND, Paweensuda Drouin
VENEZUELA, Ninoska Vasquez
COLOMBIA, Juliana Franco
CZECH REPUBLIC, Iva Uchytilova
NETHERLANDS, Faith Landman
RUSSIA, Lada Akimova

I predicted 5 of the Top 8. Two of the Top 8 are Pinay, as Miss Australia is half-Filipino. Sadly, USA and Vietnam who ranked 6th and 8th on my list are now out of the game.

9:39PM - After going through the Q and A round, where each of the Top 8 talked on a particular trending topic, 4 girls remain to continue their quest for the crown.

COLOMBIA, Juliana Franco
AUSTRALIA, Nina Robertson
RUSSIA, Lada Akimova

It's a surprising Top 4 for me, since two major favorites Thailand and Venezuela have already been eliminated.

9:48PM - Miss Earth 2017 Final Q&A Portion. Just one question for the Top 4: "Who or What is the biggest enemy of Mother Earth?"

10:00PM - Time to crown the winners!

MISS EARTH AIR 2017 - AUSTRALIA, Nina Robertson

MISS EARTH FIRE 2017 - RUSSIA, Lada Akimova

MISS EARTH WATER 2017 - COLOMBIA, Juliana Franco

And the MISS EARTH 2017 is


Here's a video of Karen giving a winning answer during the final interview portion:

"I believe that the real problem in this world is not climate change. The real problem is us because of our ignorance and apathy. What we have to do is to start changing our ways, to start recalibrating our minds and redirecting our steps because together, as a global community, our micro-efforts will have a macro-effect to help save our home, our planet.”

It takes quite some time until it fully sinks in. Never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought I would represent the Philippines and win an international title in a prestigious pageant that upholds a relevant cause. I am honored and privileged to be the very first scientist to join and win in the whole history of Miss Earth as I shared my voice and represented the whole scientific community for the world to see and hear. I am confident enough to say that it was not by my own abilities that made me standout in performing during the coronation night in all segments especially in the question and answer portion, it was by the Spirit of God that led me through. Apart from Him I could not have done it. He was the One who gave me confidence and wisdom in presenting myself as a whole package in front of the whole world. It’s never easy to win the crown in your own country because you have to make double even triple efforts to show to everyone that you’re fighting the battle at your best just like everybody else but what made my journey extra special was the overwhelming support I got from my fellow Filipinos. If there’s one thing I am proud about my people despite of being known to be hospitable, it’s our camaraderie. We show to the whole world what bayanihan is all about when the spirit of communal unity and cooperation is displayed for all to see. No amount of words will change the fact that the battle has already been won. I don’t take this crown for myself, It is for the whole Philippines. This battle was not mine alone but ours. I am proud in raising our flag for the whole world to witness. I would like to thank EVERYONE for the love, prayers and support you have given me in my unforgettable journey here in Miss Earth. This once in a lifetime experience will truly be remembered and treasured forever. I am more than ready to continue the legacy of beauty and responsibility. May this be a beacon of hope for everyone to see that our micro efforts will have macro effect as we take this challenge together as a global community with a collective action. This is Karen Ibasco, your Miss Earth 2017!👑🇵🇭🌎 ALL GLORY TO GOD!

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It's now the 4th Miss Earth crown for the Philippines, the most by any country. PH already won in 2008 (Karla Paula Henry), 2014 (Jamie Herrell) and 2015 (Angelia Ong).


ARGENTINA, Fiorela Hengemühler
AUSTRIA, Bianca Kronsteiner
BAHAMAS, Brittania Alexa Mitchell
BELARUS, Polli Cannabis
BELGIUM, Lauralyn Vermeersch
BELIZE, Iris Salguero
BOLIVIA, Giancarla Fernández
CAMBODIA, Em Kunthong
CANADA, Jacqueline Marsh
CHILE, Sofia Manzur
CHINA, Mei Zhan
COSTA RICA, Fernanda Rodríguez
CRIMEA, Elena Trifonova
CROATIA, Bonita Kristic
CYPRUS, Artemis Charalambous
DENMARK, Sabrina Jovanović
ECUADOR, Lessie Giler Sanchez
ENGLAND, Charlotte Brooke
ETHIOPIA, Mekdalawit Mequanent
FRANCE, Mélissa Strugen
GHANA, Maud Fadi
GUADELOUPE, Morgane Nestar
HONDURAS, Valeria Cardona
HUNGARY, Viktoria Viczian
INDIA, Shaan Suhas Kumar
INDONESIA, Michelle Alriani
ISRAEL, Elian Qupty
ITALY, Fabiana Enrica Barra
JAPAN, Yasuyo Saito
KOREA, Hanna Lee
KYRGYZSTAN, Nazarova Begimai
LEBANON, Elsa Antoun
MALAYSIA, Cherish Ng
MALTA, Christie Refalo
MAURITIUS, Yanishta Gopaul
MEXICO, Karen Bustos
MOLDOVA, Veronica Buzovoi
MONGOLIA, Tugs-Amgalan Batjargal
MYANMAR, Tin Sandar Myo
NEPAL, Rojina Shrestha
NEW ZEALAND, Abby Sturgin
NIGERIA, Eucharia Akani
PAKISTAN, Ramina Ashfaque
PANAMA, Erika Parker
PARAGUAY, Valeria Ivasiuten
PERU, Karen Rojas
POLAND, Dominika Szymanska
PORTUGAL, Gloria Silva
PUERTO RICO, Karla Victoria Aponte
RWANDA, Uwase Hirwa Honorine
SAMOA, Olivia Howman
SERBIA, Marija Nikic
SIERRA LEONE, Ismatu Daramy
SINGAPORE, Elizabeth Lee
SLOVENIA, Sara Gavranić
SOUTH AFRICA, Irini Moutzouris
SPAIN, Ainara de Santamaria
SRI LANKA, Shyama Dahayanaka
SWEDEN, Camilla Fogestedt
UGANDA, Nabirye Josephine Mutesi
UKRAINE, Diana Mironenko
U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS, Kaylee Carlberg
WALES, Sophie Bettridge
ZAMBIA, Abigail Chama

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